A lawyer Turned Cobbler ~ Laura Ahman And Her beautiful Designs


My name is Laura Sule Ahman. A Nigerian from Kebbi state residing in kaduna. I’m a graduate of Law with Management from Aston University Birmingham.. As my mum would say I’m a Lawyer turned Cobbler..

Laura Ahman is a emerging nigerian brand that specialize in making luxury slippers..It was first established in February 2014.. Almost a year on ,Laura Ahman has successfully become a well known brand in Northern Nigeria. All our slippers are handmade by a team of skilled craftsmen here in Nigeria using our local leather and materials available in northern Nigeria..

Laura Ahman slippeimage image image imagers can be purchased on the website www.shopthreesixfive.com.. The Website offers Worldwide delivery.

For any enquiries pls send us an Email: msloliitaa@gmail.com.
You can also follow us on Instagram
Instagram: laura_ahman.

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