COVID-19: Cleric Tasks Muslims On Abiding By Govt’s Directives


In a bid to wipe away the CoronaVirus pandemic ravaging the country by the federal government, Muslim clerics and their followers have been admonished to obey every directives by NCDC. 

The advice was handed down by the chief Imam of Ipee Muslim Community Council, Kaduna, Ustaz Ma’aruf Badamosi Al Adabiy when he spoke with New Nigerian Online reporter in Kaduna on Friday. 

He said the leadership of both religions have a lot to do in assisting the government to eradicate the pandemic from the country, explaining that the buck of sensitising worshippers lie on the clerics.

“For the government to succeed in her quest to eradicate this pandemic from our country we religious leaders must intesify our efforts in sensitising our followers and make clear to them that government can not do it alone but with our total support from the citizens”, he said. 

According to him, the pandemic has caused a lot of damages to the economy of the nation which if care is not taken urgently governing the country may become a difficult one as dearth of funds may run the system aground. 

The cleric informed that “if all can close ranks and support the government by obeying the directives by the NCDC the pandemic will fissule away within a very short time and government will bounce back on the track and face the issue of bettering the condition of the country “.

He called on followers of the two religions to adhere to the teaching of their leaders and obey the laid down laws of the country as its enshrined in the Holy books.

“Disobedience to the rules of the government is against the teachings of the world of God”.

The chief imam added that the laws if complied with would do the nation a good thing as the covid19 of a thing is real that bothers the government on dayly basis as the number of cases keep soaring daily.

He explained further that the rate at which the pandemic kills daily calls for concern, and all hands must be on deck to fight it and if possible eradicate it from our land.

 “This lies in the hands of the leaders of various groups,  religion bodies, traditional rulers, market women among others, various leaders efforts will collaborate with government to bring about a good result, “, he counselled.

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