COVID-19 Not Detected In Breastmilk – WHO


Active CoronaVirus disease (COVID-19) has not, to date, been detected in the breastmilk of any mother with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, World Health Organization said. 

“It appears unlikely, therefore, that COVID-19 would be transmitted through breastfeeding or by giving breastmilk that has been expressed by a mother who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19,” WHO wrote in a Press release dated 27th May, 2020.

The international authority on public health recommended thatwomen with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 can therefore breastfeed if they wish to do so. 

It advised mothers to wash hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub and especially before touching the baby.

“Wear a medical mask during any contact with the baby, including while feeding; sneeze or cough into a tissue. Then dispose of it immediately and wash hands again,” WHO urged. 

The United Nations (UN) organ told mothers to routinely clean and disinfect surfaces after touching them, stressing: “Even if mothers do not have a medical mask, they should follow all the other infection prevention measures listed, and continue breastfeeding.”

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