Baring last minute intervention, Niger APC chairman might have tightened the hangman’s noose around his own neck.

He might likely loose his position in a sweet heart deal for a reprieve against prosecution and an end to police investigation of misappropriation spanning 5 years.

The Governor is reported to have said police should do their Job, which means alot could be hanging against the chairman.

Ordinarily if everything was smooth those fingered as direct and indirect pipers cannot on their own mastermind the Chairman’s ordeal moreso a ruling party’s chairman, without atleast a favourable body language from the Governor.

The chairman himself displays lack of knowledge and smartness and abundantly inept, How can you be chairman and chief financia officer at the same time for 5 years in a party with identified sources of revenue? Atleast that is what the petition against him says.

The police say they are still investigating, so they cannot make any comment for now.

The APC chairman has been released after a day with the police and will be “going and coming”

I tried getting to know if he will be charged or not? The police said it is unclear yet, till after the investigation.

There has been no love lost between so many APC excos and Governor Bello in recent times, especially that the party claims it is not been patronised by the Governor, while also patronising and prioritising his friends.

Last week a list of “decamped” and “redecamped” persons who were given juicy appointments in Government was released by the party media team, that couldn’t have happened without imprimatur of the Imam led exco of the party.

Recall, efforts by some APC Governors to remove the APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomole was stalled after series of court orders, it is alleged that at that time APC chairman Imam and Governor Bello were not on the same page in that move.

The APC Governors’ forum and the APC national chairman, Oshiomole, expressed dismay in cryptic messages over recent happenings in APC Niger.

Could that be enough to save Engineer Imam as APC chairman of Niger state?

That will hang on God and only through Governor Bello alone.

We are only watchers..

By: Yahaya mohd usman

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