Mohammed Babangida rehabilitates former Aso Rock cook who served seven presidents


Son of former military head of state, Mohammed Ibrahim Babangida, has come the help of a Nigerian chief cook who served seven Nigerian leaders but lives in penury.

Dogo served three civilian presidents and four military heads of state beginning from the administration of the late Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

LEADERSHIP Weekend reports that the 73-year-old Ugbaha Mohammed, popularly known as Dogo, after serving Nigerian leaders as chief cook, was squatting with a Good Samaritan in an Abuja suburb after a house built for him by IBB’s Aide-de-camp (ADC), Nuhu Bamalli, was burnt down following an unrest in his community.

He returned to Abuja without a place to lay his head only to be accommodated by a-36-year-old Faith Okolo who came to Dogo’s rescue when everyone left him in the cold.

He was squatting in a thatched room she provided for him at an Abuja suburb, Gbagalape, a remote community in Nyanya, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).

After LEADERSHIP Weekend’s report, Mohammed Babangida, son of Gen Ibrahim Babangida, who is among the Nigerian leaders that Dogo served, immediately sent one of his aides, Barr Kamar Alimi,  to the suburb and handed over to him some undisclosed amount of cash to help cushion the trouble he was going through.

But as part of his efforts at providing succour to Nigerians in the New Year, Mohammed Babangida, gave Dogo money to rent a suitable apartment and also set up a business for him.

“We’ve given him the money for accommodation and shop rents,” one of Mohammed Babangida’s aides, Alimi, told LEADERSHIP Weekend.

He said since LEADERSHIP Weekend’s report last year, Mohammed immediately asked him to give him money and to also find out about the old man’s immediate needs, which he did.

Confirming the donation, Dogo thanked Mohammed Babangida for coming to his aid.

He said amongst all the families he served in Nigeria, it was only IBB’s family that responded to his plight.

“”I am very happy. I am very grateful to Mohammed Babangida because he has saved me from continued thinking (worrying),” Dogo said.

“I no longer think as I used to do before because of this donation.

Among the many people and prominent families we served in this country, only the IBB family that came to my rescue.

“I and the entire family are grateful to Mohammed Babangida. In fact; the donation is beyond the quotation I gave him,” Dogo added.

From his story, Dogo served the late Second Republic President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari; Gen. Muhammadu Buhari; Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Chief Ernest Shonekan, head of the Interim National Government (ING); the late Gen. Sani Abacha, Gen. Abdulsalami  Abubakar, and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He started life as a soldier during the Nigerian Civil War before fate turned him to a presidential cook.

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