2500 Teachers Recruitment Exercise


The committee for the revaluation of 2500 teachers recruitment exercise 2019, wishes to inform the general public that the initial 2500 shortlisted candidates and those that sat for the interview but could not make the list will commence the revalidation exercise and have been divided into zones, they are as follows:


AGWARA LGA. Monday 11. Nov. 2019

BORGU LGA. Wednesday 13th. Nov. 2019.

MASHEGU LGA. Thursday 14th. Nov. 2019

MAGAMA LGA. Friday. 15th. Nov.2019.

RIJAU LGA. Saturday. 16th. Nov. 2019.

MARIGA LGA. Sunday. 17 th.
Nov. 2019.

KONTAGORA LGA. Monday. 18th. Nov.2019

WUSHISHI LGA. Tuesday. 19th. Nov.2019.


MOKWA LGA. Thursday. 21st. Nov. 2019.

EDATI LGA. Friday. 22nd. Nov. 2019.

LAVUN LGA. Saturday. 23rd. Nov. 2019.

GBAKO LGA. Sunday. 24th. Nov. 2019.

KATCHA LGA. Monday. 25th. Nov. 2019.

BIDA LGA. Tuesday. 26th. Nov. 2019.

AGAIE LGA. Wednesday. 27th. Nov. 2019.

LAPAI LGA. Thursday. 28th. Nov. 2019.


RAFI LGA. Saturday. 1st. Nov. 2019.

MUNYA LGA. Sunday. 2nd. Nov. 2019.

SHIRORO LGA. Monday. 3rd. Nov. 2019.

SULEJA LGA. Tuesday. 4th. Nov. 2019.

TAFA LGA. wednesday. 5th. Nov. 2019.

GURARA LGA. Thursday. 6th. Nov. 2019.

PAIKO LGA. Friday. 7th. Nov. 2019.

BOSSO LGA. Saturday. 8th. Nov. 2019.

CHANCHAGA LGA. Sunday. 9th. Nov. 2019.

The committee also wishes to notify the public that the meeting point will be at the secretariat of every local government by 9:am prompt.

For further enquiries please contact the following telephone numbers……08035928190.08036505307.08067410019.07064657114.

Chairman of the committee.
Malam Mohammed Dattijo Usman.

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