Nigerlites will recall that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has since said that the 2500 teachers’ recruitment and the N6Billion Expenditure reported to have been done by the Universal Basic Education Board was nothing but a scam aimed at hoodwinking the good citizens of the state to shore up the battered image of a kleptomaniac absentee Government of a truant Governor Abubakar Sani Bello and his clueless Party, the APC.

Realizing that the people are wiser and will not condone such brazen recklessness, the State Governor tail between legs, ordered the cancelation of the Phantom recruitment, which was never done in the first place, after the PDP spoke out.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s statement which read thus “This action follows the complaints and general public outcry over the processes that led to the selection and issuance of appointment letters to the people recruited”

“It is alleged that appointment letters were sold out to the highest bidder while placements and postings were done without due process,and in gross disregard as well as violation of the laid down procedure”

The PDP finds Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s statement above as a true reflection of the characteristics of his Government in the past five years, this too is a confirmation and a vindication of the PDP and it’s statement that:

” Long before now, the PDP is aware that a handful of friends and family members recommended by Governor are awarded a few projects done substandardly.

The PDP is surprised that the joke has been taken too far when the UBE board chairman in a claim said they have recruited 2500 teachers to resume work in November, in the same vein he claimed over N6BILLION Naira has been spent on various Basic and junior schools.

The PDP finds these as a spite on the faces of qualified and willing to work youth in the state who are not aware of the recruitment, are these teachers falling from the sky?”

The PDP therefore calls on Nigerlites to remain vigilant and ask questions especially where and on what the N6B was spent? while we will continue to remain the only true people oriented party in Niger state and Nigeria.

Hassan Usman Author

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