We read with great interest the wordings of our own literary giant, the highly articulate BM Dzukogi on the above subject matter. As a listening government, we do not take Nigerlites for granted so that every call for action is appreciated. We feel the pain of our people as keenly because, after all, we are same kin.

But we especially appreciate Mr. Dzukogi’s article because it not only reminds us of our duty, it further suggests ways we can remedy the problems we face as a state. This is a model form of criticism where the critic respectfully highlights problems and follows them with clear suggestions.

Still, we are acutely aware of the hardships the Suleja-Minna-Bida road causes those who travel the route. We wake up with the thought and go to bed with it.

We have listened to advise from experts and we have been working with these advice.

In the next 3days, a barricade will be mounted from Bida, just about few meters away from Makama Housing Estate where all heavy duty vehicles will no longer have access to pass the road.

Nigerlites and those who travel especially the Minna-Suleja must have noticed the smooth section between Lambata-Kwakuti. This is due to the machinations of the State Government.

Perhaps we should have acted sooner on the Chanchaga section that is now in a state of disrepair but we haven’t just been watching and we all know how road reconstruction is almost impossible during the rains, now that the rains are coming to an end, the ministry of works have been directed by HE to take over the site and we are assuring Nigerlites that within next few days, all will be well on that route as work has intensively commenced.

We didn’t stop there, we also restricted the movement of heavy duty vehicles from 6am to 9pm, it was only partially adhered to, largely due to lack of a better alternative but we have also mapped out and are currently fixing the Bida-Agaie-Lambata route and have directed heavy duty vehicles to from hence travel that route. Anyone who have used the road in the last 24hrs, would’ve noticed the gradual reduction in traffic.

Triacta company handling Minna-Suleja road has also been directed to continue work from Kwakuti to Chanchaga, just yesterday, we reported that work has also commenced there.

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