Invictus Obi FBI crime and the price we will all pay

Truth is, I’m not a fan of Forbes. Never been and never will be.

I have my reasons and one of them is that they celebrate every millionaires and billionaires without investigating how they made their wealth.

Today Dangote has remained there like his birthright but Forbes is deliberately ignorant of the fact that he didn’t work his ass up to become a billionaire or ever thought out of the box to become wealthy but became what he is today from our collective wealth foisted on him by criminal President upon president using monopoly market. Yet Forbes that should know better celebrates him.

I have never bought any of their magazines, do not even read them except by mistake.

And so it was that I mistakenly came across Obinna Nwanne who appeared on their cover page as a bright Nigerian who has been able to break through from this blessed land called Nigeria with cursed leaders.

I didn’t read beyond that neither did I check up on him after that.

To read few months later that the Forbes under 30 CEO is a con star, a fraudster and Executive Yahoo boy confirmed what I have always thought Forbes to be.

And to think the news blew a night before my family was to travel gave me goose pimples.

I knew then and then that Invictus is not the culprit here but you and I who will henceforth become automatic Yahoo boys simply because we carry a Green Passport that is not fertile.

I began to think of the effect it will have on my family who will berth in Addis Ababa first and stay for two days before going to their original destination. Even right from our own airport, we suspect ourselves like Yahoo people in our own land. I simply told her to call the CG of Immigration and introduce herself whenever any Nigerian or foreign officials acts funny because of the Green passport.

Yes, Invictus will cause almost all Nigerians going to Europe and American countries hell this period and only a high powered Nigerian official will be able to intervene else deportation may take place.

Once again, we will be subjected to more drilling at embassies. Out of hundred persons that will go for visa interview from Monday, only 2% will scale through and as usual, you will be directed not to appeal or appeal, with silly reasons for rejection.

Anyone that scales through the Visa stage and succeeds to fly abroad will have a tough time crossing through. Citizens of other countries will be allowed smooth passage but you will be directed to a room for security checks, scrutiny and may even be asked to pay $1000 else you won’t be granted access. This is what the Obi Invictus quest to hit it big will put you and I through.

There are only two options that will save you from unnecessary stress at the Embassy and Point of Entry henceforth.

  1. Own an official passport (this one gives ease of visa).
  2. Have the contact of Buhari, Osibanjo, Minister of Interior and Comptroller General of Immigration and they have to be people you are close to, so you can call them when you face challenges henceforth at POE.

Failure to have any of this, stay back in Nigeria and team up with me to rid Nigeria of corrupt leaders who forced Dangote on us as a successful business billionaire instead of government made billionaire which he is.

Stay back with me to clear off this #Invictus fraud saga that will make foreigners start looking at genuine business men like you and I with criminal eyes and cancel deals simply because we exist in the days of Obi Nwanne.

The young man will likely be jailed but we will begin reaping our own jail terms from Monday when work begins…. from embassies, POEs, foreign companies and even marriage proposals to foreigners who will see an invisible Invictus in us.

In all of these, we are the losers not Obi who has the heart of a conman.


Hope EFCC saw how FBI busted this crime? They didn’t go to the media first but allowed Obi to continue without him having knowledge that he was being trailed. They didn’t bust his house to arrest him or even invite him for questioning but sought court orders, despite knowing that he was leaving the country soon. That is how to carry out investigation not this media paparazzi that is happening here.

Fejiro Oliver (God’s Pen of Morality ✍)

President – Table Shakers Association

Hassan Usman Author

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