El-Zakzaky cries out over situation in Indian hospital, says ‘return me to Nigeria’


Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, popularly known as Shiite, has cried out over what he described as the pathetic and worrisome situation he had been subjected to in India’s hospital.

Recall that Mr El-Zakzaky had been granted permission by Kaduna court to be flown to India for medical attention following alleged gun wounds he and his wife Zinat had sustained during December 2015 encounter with the Nigerian Army in Zaria.

However, days after arriving at the Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, Mr El-Zakzaky released an audio clip in Hausa language lamenting over the tight security around him in the hospital as well as his safety over there.

He said: “Some trusted medical doctors that came to diagnose us in Nigeria advised us to come to this hospital. That was why we requested that we should be brought to this hospital.

“However, the security situation here is much tighter than where we were in Nigeria. There is a heavy presence of well-armed India police and operatives of the Nigerian Embassy in India around us.

“Nobody is allowed to move an inch without being escorted by these heavily armed people. We then come to the conclusion that we are no longer safe here.”

Besides security, Mr El-Zakzaky pointed out that he also had trust issues with the management of the Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, stressing that he wouldn’t allow any doctor he didn’t trust to touch him or his wife.

He said: “The medical officials that advised us to come here are rather helpless. The hospital management said these doctors could only play advisory roles.

“We, therefore, resolved that we won’t allow any doctor we don’t trust to touch us because that was not our earlier agreement,” the cleric added.

The cleric, therefore, sensed that something was amiss.

“We sense that some people are looking for ways to finish up what bullets could not do to us.

“We believe that based on what we are seeing here, we are not safe here. We are only brought here to further imprison us.

“I had been imprisoned before, but I have never seen this type. I think even Kirikiri prison is not as tight as this place,” Mr El-Zakzaky stressed.

Mr El-Zakzaky, therefore, called for his return back to Nigeria with a view to re-strategising on which next medical line of action would be taken.

“Honestly, there is a need for us to return back to Nigeria and get other trusted medical attention since the court had given us permission to do so.

“I recall that there were other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey that had offered to receive us. We would go and deliberate on which country to go to,” he stated.


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