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2023 is the year that strong political parties will enter into recession in Nigeria. Southwest’s seeming advantage in APC, will go into limbo; a calamitous disappointment for the evident formidable gang of the apparent heir to the throne of Buhari. They will seek to make trouble, looking in the direction of Southeast for support. However, who becomes the President will be a big question between the Southeast and the Southwest. So, REVOLUTION NOW is actually REVOLUTION LATER (post-2023), if the Presidency does not go to the Southwest.

RevolutionNow is not a revolution that is intended to preserve Nigeria. All known Nigerian agitations will find their actualisations in it. Still, whichever revolution that comes to Nigeria, isn’t going to preserve her, anyway. It would be miraculous, if Nigeria survives from a revolution because, the Nigerian ruling elites have worked so hard to debone the country, decades upon decades. She is currently fleshless. What is left of her is a pitiable skeleton of polio infested joints, in an abandoned laboratory of the same elites.

While the Southwest – actually, the reigning gang’s dilemma, fester – the Southeast will just sit-by and watch them without belief in the genuineness of their cries. The Southeast, whose chance should actually be 2023 but might not get it, will want the Southwest to taste the pains they have bore in the last few decades since Alex Ekweme, as none players in the Nigerian Presidency.

In Nigeria, because systems do not work, the controller of the Presidency controls the entire country and her wealth, absolutely. This is done to the pleasure of the occupiers and never to the people, without qualms. Our democracy and leadership style is heavily doused in follow-follow.

As the 2023 game unfolds, in a worst scenario, the Southeast will swallow the bitter pill of letting another Northerner take the Presidency: we lose, the Southwest loses, is a fine death pill in a country that we have lost faith in (who else is not losing hope?).

Meanwhile, the label that Northerners are the destroyers of Nigeria will not work for the Southwest if they start amplifying it in the face of losing 2023. This is how the Presidency will remain in the north. I guess this is why PRP is coming with a Northerner with an Igbo Vice President.

APC will come up with a Southwestern presidential candidate in 2023. It will not work, majority in the Southwest will reject APC’s candidate. PDP would be mischievous with an Igbo presidential candidate. The poor northern man will not vote for PDP, claiming that the Igbos refused to support Buhari…


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