AYEAID/N-NEWMAP SITES VISITATION UPDATE: Location: Kutirko & Landzu communities , Agaie & Bida LGAs


Date: 7thAugust ,2019
Location: Kutirko & Landzu communities , Agaie & Bida LGAs

The visit is to identify project site for the benefit of kutirko & river landzu in community under the Niger -NEWMAP interventions.The project focused on the revegetation of degraded land areas and the establishment of a protected forest system in communities to use forests to help control erosion, conserve biodiversity and sequester carbon, and to develop a stable forest system resilient to the impacts of climate change.

The NEWMAP project team and the focal NGO- AYEAID , demonstrated effective afforestation models for environmentally degraded area for commercial tree crops to generate incomes for the local farming communities.

Community mobilization and sensitization, training, technical back-up, research and extension services will considered critical to building farmers’ capacity in the project , particularly in adopting new technology, and strengthening their interest in the project.





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