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Following the recent pathetically development in recent times in the state, were bandit’s are now regrouping themselves by forming a serious and most strong empire in some of our local villages around Shiroro, Allawa, Kokki, Sarkin-Pawa, Gurmana axis, and many more.

Our poor villagers that are currently living in this areals are now facing serious insecurity reoccurrence in their respective localities. Their was many attempt by the bandits to captured some of this villages around, but still in vain.

However, the recent perpetrating acts of those banditry’s need to be put to an end, by curtailing them and also preventing them from unforeseen further attacks to our poor villagers that leaves in the said localities.

The Niger State Government most be responsible for providing security and protections of life’s and properties to her own citizen’s. But today in this regard, the state government have carelessly abandone her own people on the recent perpetual further attacks by those banditry’s.

It’s indeed glaring that, the State Government have no further plans to stop this present menace, because they’re bunch of emptiness people that have meaningless ideology to map-up some strategic implementation planning by stopping this inpending insecurity challenges in the state.

My heart was indeed wholeheartedly with our poor villagers, and the members of the security apparatus that was Up & Doing by providing safety to the entire localities. We must recommend your efforts and sacrifices on this present tasks ahead.

Any serious Government that means Governance, would come to the aid of his own people, but today in Niger State reverse is the case……..bunch of Failure’s.

© Comrade Usman Masaga

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