Statement by Arewa Unity Congress in response to Shehu Sani’s Remarks on the northern stand on Ruga


July 6, 2019

Our attention was called to a tweet by a displaced Senator from Kaduna State, Shehu Sani tending to rudely disparage the position with regards to the issue of the harassment of the Fulani in southern Nigeria.

We would not have bothered to respond to the ranting of such inconsequential elements but for the fact that if his remarks are allowed to pass unanswered, some people may mistake him as an influence in the North whereas he is no more than an unnecessary baggage on the Hausa/Fulani, on Islam and on the entire northern region.

This accumulated moral deficiency borne by Shehu Sani was part of the many other wrong factors that made the the people of the Kaduna Central senatorial constituency rejact his second term bid after an initial first four-year term of regret.

In any event, no one, at least no true Hausa/Fulani, and no Muslim would have expected Shehu Sani to have said otherwise in view of his well-known hatred of Muslims and Islamic values which he expresses at every opportunity.

His anti-north, anti-anything-Islam which he has boldly expressed in books penned by his own hands, published and circulated, are documented testimonies of Shehu Sani’s deep hatred for Northern Nigerian shared values and inherent disrespect for its revered foundations of values like Sheikh Usman Danfodio, Sir Ahmadu Bello and Alhaji Tafawa Balewa.

Sani’s deep-seated animosity against the northern culture and Islamic values which he switches by default, is traceable to a shady background connected to parental curse.

His gross moral inadequacy and insufficiency are also linked to his chronic obsession with material acquisition which the South services to retain him as ready attack dog on anything North.

His 2015 ride to the Nigerian Senate after several years spent in and out of prisons for the wrong reasons was not on the basis of personal popularity but rather due to Buhari’s wide acceptability in the North.

Yet to overcome the shock of rejection by voters of the Kaduna Central who rightly felt betrayed by his wasted four years in the Senate Shehu thinks he can revert to venting his frustration on the North and northerners.

He should know however that the North has outgrown every antic of its internal and external detractors and northerners are today able to see through his mischief and definitely ready to resist it.



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