Niger Govt to purchase 5thousand meters.


After considering several options including revoking the license of AEDC, the state government met with several stakeholders and even organized a town hall meeting where opinions of consumers were seeked and it has concluded that the best remedy to the power situation is to have every household in the state metered.

Further to the above resolution, His Excellency the Deputy Governor, Alh. Mohammed Ketso and few members of the Niger State AEDC Monitoring and Sensitization Committee met with the management of Tubor Energy, the company responsible for supply of meters to Niger axis. At this meeting the state govt resolved to start with purchase of 5 thousand meters for households in the state at subsidized rate.

The 5 thousand meters which will be installed in one single feeder. With this, all the houses on the feeder will get at least 18-20 hours power supply.

Gradually the government will continue on that trajectory until every household in the state metered.

Niger State Government has been most disappointed in AEDC for it performance and for failing to rise to its responsibilities which saw the power situation deteriorate as it has done.

But the government is acutely aware that the people did not vote AEDC, the people voted for the present government and trusted the government to ensure the well-being of Nigerlites. That is why the government has no compunction shouldering this responsibility.

AEDC, Tubor Energy and Niger state govt will meet to agree on when to start and the feeder to start from.

  • Abdullberqy U Ebbo

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