Your Excellency Sir,

Consideration for inclusion of Mal. Shehu Musa Tanko Kontagora into your government.

A concerned high profile group NIGER STATE VOICE OF THE YOUTHS (NSVY) wish to duly appeal to his excellency to consider the appointment of Mal. Shehu Musa Tanko into this progressive government. As a matter of concern , we appeal to you to please include Mall. Shehu Musa Tanko in your administration for the following factors attributed to the seasoned technocrat and politician.

    Mal. Shehu Musa Tanko Kontagora is an indigene of Niger State, born on 9th March 1956. He began both his primary & secondary schools at Kontagora, from 1963 to 1972 respectively and later in 1973 proceeded to Government College Bida and passed out in 1975 with West African School Certificate. He went to staff Development Centre Bida in 1976 and obtained a Certificate in Office Technology & Management Studies in 1977. Thereafter he obtained a Diploma in the same field in 1982 from the Kaduna Polytechnic .

By 1991, he obtained an advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management at the Kaduna Polytechnic.

    Mal. Shehu Musa Tanko Kontagora started serving his fatherland in the mid 70s. He worked as a Clerical Assistant, Stenographer in the defunct North West Government and Niger State Government from 1976 to 1979. He served in the Federal Capital Development Authority from 1982 to 1983, Nigeria Television Authority Abuja, 1983 to 1991. Between 1991 to 2002, he worked with the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Departments Of Banking Operations, Human Resource and Development Finance. While at the Apex Bank, he a attended a number training, seminars and workshops in Bankos/Fidas, Prevention, Detection and Control of Fraud, Project Development Management, Cost Control and Industrial Relations, Report Writing for Agricultural Credit Managers, Preparation and Control of Budget, Introduction to Fraud Examination among others.
    Comrade Shehu Musa Tanko Kontagora an adorable and amiable politician that has no mate in political class. His style of politics is furious and appreciable for many of those that knows him, through politics his name is popular. Due to his popularism leads to the emergence of so many political humane to clinch various seats. Through politics those associates with him enjoy his experience, he played politics without bitterness. He issued a number of statements appealing to other contenders not to contest with current Gov. Abu LoLo. He contributed greatly to emergence of Gov. Abu lolo into government of today. He has no fear of saying the truth no matter what.
    His name in the entire three zones, A. B. C is like a sugar in a tea, or honey in a water, or milk in a mouth. The name cannot be called twice due to his popularity in Niger State. He build his relationship with various stakeholders across the zones. He has so many friends, from Bida, Suleja, Borgu, Minna. He is known to every body, down to Kagara and other related local government Areas.
    Comrade. Shehu Musa Tanko Kontagora has built solid bridge across the entire zones, this brings to our notice the time that, our state is in of people with integrity, honesty and above all ready to add value to our development to move that state with our cherished governor offering suggestions in our dear state Niger. He can bring ordinary person to upper class person to an understanding.


Your Excellency Sir, we the above named forum wish as matter of appeal to solicit for your consideration the inclusion of this senior citizen, who is retired but never tired in contributing his vast knowledge and experience in managing both human and material resources for the upliftment of the entire people of Niger State. The appointment of this great achiever, technocrat, bridge builder, and silence achiever into the Next Level of your administration will be highly appreciated by us. We bring to your notice that, this great man has sustainable plan to move the state forward in line with your agenda.

Sir. Let us categorically inform you that, this recommendations are collective support by the entire zone A. B. C.. We look forward to come to government house to appreciate your consideration.

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Concern citizen Forum.

Hassan Usman Author

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