Teenagers Have Respect For The Past – In The Form Of Dance!

Too many people complain about the problems with young people today. You can’t open a newspaper without hearing someone whine about how kids are all wasting their money on avocados and not working hard enough.

But today’s teenagers are keen to show that, really, things haven’t changed all that much.

Young people have always bought luxury items that they want but don’t need. And people have always connected by dancing.

The teenagers at this prom decided to show how dance has kept people together from the 1950s to now in an incredibly imaginative way.

Inspired by one of the first viral hits on YouTube, The Evolution of Dance, they created their own routine that incorporated a range of dances that all are linked.

At the video’s opening, they rise to “Stand By Me,” giving 50s moves to the song.

Source: TeenTitanCrew/YouTube

It also helps that all of the kids are dressed in suspenders, brown trousers and white shirts. Only their shoes look out of place.

However, just as the audience is getting into the song, it changes to Chubby Checker’s “Twist,” from 1960.

All four boys doing the dance twist in time to the song, again looking appropriate.

Then James Brown’s “I Feel Good” kicks in, showing the audience that music and dance had both become more expressive by 1964.

Source: TeenTitanCrew/YouTube

The music then jumps forward in time 13 years to the Bee Gees’s “Night Fever.” Their style changes from the swinging sixties to disco dancing just as quickly!

In a less dramatic shift, the next song is the camp classic “YMCA.” Basically, everyone from 1978 until now has danced to this one.

Source: TeenTitanCrew/YouTube

Then the song travels back in time to “Kung Fu Fighting,” another one that almost everybody has moved to at some point.

But these boys put all other dancers to shame. One of them even manages to perform a backflip off of another’s back!

Source: TeenTitanCrew/YouTube

Sticking with the 1970s still, “Funkytown” is the next song.

There are no backflips in this piece, but one of the boys does manage to do a handstand!

The kids go into the 80s, with “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” playing all of a sudden.

This time, the kids put on an even more impressive show, with one helping the other do a vaulted flip! The song is originally from Dirty Dancing, but that was an incredibly smooth move!

Shortly after this, the kids start dancing to 90s tunes. “Ice Ice Baby” starts up.

But no sooner have they started moving to it than another 80s standard plays. “It’s Like That,” by Run-DMC slows their routine down a little.

But then “Beat It” by Michael Jackson starts, and they speed up again, performing more acrobatic feats!

Then “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot plays. (Clearly, this group is not American. It’s hard to imagine any US school approving of kids dancing to the lyrics “I like big butts, and I cannot lie.”)

And believe it or not, this is only halfway through the routine! The kids have really put a lot of effort into the performance.

It goes right up to the 2010s, with “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and “Gangnam Style” by Psy being boogied to by the boys!

At the end, the boys receive a huge round of applause.


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