You should understand that life the Almighty God gave to us is always better when one is happy, but life is all its best when others are happy because of you.

Pensioners in Niger state are unhappy with you and your administration in pension board.

You are not faithful in touching the retirees hearts but rather fulfilling your political goals with pensioners sweat looking for the next level from pension board.

God is watching you, and you know quite right living for others is a rule of nature..

We were all born to help each other, no matter how difficult the situation we find our selves, still do good to others.

But your unhuman relationship, outburst which titled as untouchable in government, no good working relationship with other top political colleques make it impossible for the retirees to have a safe landing.

I became shocked when you proved to the public on may day, 2019 that more than N20 billion was made available to your board within this fist 4 years of this administration and yet we have thousands of retirees unpaid of their retirement benefits.

Out of these retirees many are yet to be placed on monthly payments of pension and they have retired one to two years back.

SSG or Finance Commissioner we rumously heard you looking for as next level sincerely you are not fit unless if God has destined it on to you otherwise you have failed in pension board you are qualified to resign and go back to farm to be part of PMB agenda.

@Mahmud Ahmed Wushishi

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