Half chances can be big!

Gov. Sani Bello has the potential to be one of our best yet. Though like others ‘here and there’ he allows yet another window of opportunity slip by…
We might find the populace bickering on power like it’s manna from heaven but on critical analysis you’ll find that it no more than a Naira short of it. With noble and small scale enterprises like the ice block and local drinks sellers, tailors, grinding maching operators etc relying on the standard grid for their daily activities. That’s on one stead, what about the disrespectful issue of ‘estimated billing’ and ‘load-shedding’ aka rationing of electricity.
The governor could have immortalised his name in history by simply stepping in fully into this power issue and get more love and like of your people. At least take a bullet for your people for the first time. The above statement is not big to ask for from our most likeable Governor because we have seen governors like Mall. El-Rufai going into war for his people and taken bullets for them as well.
There are some things u don’t need to act bossy but u need to show the electorate that u are for them fully afterall your chief responsibility is to ‘serve’ them. 
In the first instance, without seemingly demeaning the office or person of the deputy governor, mr governor shouldn’t have  sent anyone in his stead, to AEDC. Moreso that it is a lingering issue that had requited decisiveness and authority.This would have at the least gotten the attention of the numerous ‘naysayers’ and earned him a round of applause. 
Alright, he didn’t do that, may be he was busy with other works for his electorate but another opportunity came knocking for him to step in fully and take charge but he blew it instead. I expected as a governor of the so called power state, to  either send them back or in fact, go to the AEDC himself, demanding for 24hrs and  settling for 18hrs at least within the urban areas. More like shooting for the moon and landing within the stars.
This won’t only increase his likes in the hearts of his people but will also send a clear and assertive message to AEDC that, it is no longer business as usual. The government of the state is now serious about it.  ”and if he achieve this, I swear, the next name u will hear all over Niger is something like “Gov. Abu. Sani mai wuta”!!! 
Gov. Abu. Sani Bello! “please see what is apparent and do what others only dream to do” so that we can all chat with you “…viva Niger, viva the bringer of light”!!
Tukur Kutigi 22/03/2019

Abdulazeez Author

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