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Dear Baba Buhari, before 2015, and since, all the recruitments into the so-called juicy federal parastatals go to the children of the big shots and it doesn’t matter whether that big shot is of the PDP, APC or APGA or from the north, east or west provided he or she is a senator or occupies some wicked office, their children get a gate pass.

Whether, you knew about this or not, we want you to change this corrupt system and open the gates wide enough to accommodate the masses who are your primary constituency whether from the north, east or west.

The mechanism for doing this is already in place: make them advertise the jobs in the national newspapers and on their websites; but they circumvent this by calling the new recruits replacements; we don’t want replacements, we don’t want the marginalization of the poor, we want equal opportunities because we are yours and you are ours – for this country belongs to all of us.


Ibraheem Dooba

PS: When I shared this letter with my friends on social media, they made the following contributions:

Dr  Habiba Saidu Bello:

Please make sure this is delivered to PMB, and alternatively, I advise you strongly, to get it published/ popularized in your column with Daily Trust. I second this motion.

We definitely have to deduce a means of reaching him directly since the ‘cabals’ will not tell him the truth.

Muhabdal Abdool:

The truth! I pray he heed your wake up call; for so many times PMB hardly believe all this mess even in the presence of evidences backing it up.

Abubakar Alhaji Ahmad:

This is a very good observation. In fact, the so called Federal Character Commission is the main culprit. They issue a waiver for some slots. Next are the almighty NASS members, board members and amorphous ‘presidency’. It is no secret,some politicians use this as democracy dividends.

Abdullahi Babadoko:

“Calling new recruits  replacements.”  Even when one could count over 500 of such replacements.

Abdullahi Tauheed Munacat:

Can he do it? I doubt it much!  He’s very aware of it. This is where he showed his weak side and very unfortunate quality. I wish the jobs can be shared in the following percentage, because we can’t stop them. We can only create opportunities from it: 40% should go for the Talakas untouched. Published as you advised; 20% for politicians; 10% for Traditional rulers; 10% for the recruiting establishment and FCC to share; 10% for legislatures(NASS); 10% for raffle draw(for any lucky child).  These are the key mafians/stakeholders who are widening the poor-rich gap. So let’s us absorb their interests kawai.

Adam Adam Abdurrahman:

You once posted an advert of FIRS at the beginning of this administration, I was very skeptical of applying but you encouraged all of us to apply and we did. That recruitment was what made me to lose hope because a classmate of mine that did not even apply got the job after almost a year of us waiting.

Ibrahim Mahmud:

Doc, your letter to the president on the came at the right time, so many things happened between 2015 and now with regards to recruitment into juicy organizations that the president may or may not be  aware of.

Mahmood Hamza Mni:

“It doesn’t matter whether that big shot is of the PDP, APC or APGA or from the north, east or west” – best part of the write up.

The best we can do for ourselves after voting PMB for the second term is not to be onlookers to issues affecting us a nation. No more excuses

Halilu Sulaiman Bwaje:

My boss is always on point. I hope the write up reaches it target.

Mamman Muh:

A change from Animal Farm model where inequality is the order of the day to reflect our constituency that represent the majority of Talakawas.

Abubakar Isah:

Dr Ibraheem Dooba the sky shall be your starting point. This is the biggest challenge we the children of poor families face.

Attahiru Mamman Kolo:

If only the FG will base the recruitment like that of Npower because with that you don’t need to know anybody before you get npower.

Umar Bello:

Dr, Mr President needs an official letter on this topic.

Rabiu Musa:

Sir, you should have highlighted some ways the President would take to solve or limit the problem because the heavyweights are those recruiting.

Alhaji Pullo:

Even when there’s advert, the jobs just hardly get to the poor citizens. Imagine after attending the aptitude test and the interview at DPR, only for one to discover that the vacant positions have been given to people who have not even attended the aptitude test or the interview! Allah dai ya shirya!

Nas Muhammad:

Someone said seeing job vacancy being advertised is like hearing the sound of a gun. You are definitely not the target. It simply means they must have finished recruitment. They just want to make it as if the recruitment processes were followed.

Shuaibu Copa:

Please Baba Buhari do something!

Abubakar Kangiwa:

You have said it all, the recruitment in Nigeria is for the godfathers, PMB we need your attention there sir. We are with you  Ibraheem Dooba.

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