(OPINION) 11 Things Bauchi Electorate Should Remember As They Vote

Bauchi State has a chance to rewrite its history as its electorate vote for the next governor on March 9, 2019, which is just hours away.
They can either choose to vote for progress or vote for stagnation and retrogression.
The voters have their future in their hands and must be wise enough to make decisions that would either impact or leave negative consequences in the next four years.
They have three main options before them; the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the New Nigeria Peoples  Party (NNPP), tipped to win the polls by many,if the election results are not rigged.
The electorate should however, remember to protect their future by protecting their votes by ensuring each vote casts, counts.
They should remember that for the past four years, the state remained stagnant as a result of purposeless leadership.
They should also remember that they could have a better economy premised on good leadership and accountability to move the state forward.
Bauchi people should also bear it on their minds that there is  a commitment by the NNPP as a party and Ambassador Shuaibu Ahmed Adamu as its candidate to combine human and natural resources in the state to create an economy that will serve as role model to other states
It would also be important to remind Bauchi State citizens that the abundant tourism potentials that would position the state as not just the number one tourism destination in Nigeria, but West Africa sub region would be fully harnessed as promised by Ambassador Adamu.
Importantly, the good people of Bauchi State should also remember that it is their civic responsibility to not only vite, but ensure credible leadership is put in place.
More importantly, they should support President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption drive by voting a leader that has zero tolerance for corruption, as exhibited by the NNPP gubernatorial candidate.
Bauchi citizens should most importantly remember that they owe the future generation and their children yet unborn the moral duty of ensuring NNPP wins the poll to ensure transparency, economic progress and all round prosperity of the state.
Onjewu Dickson is a Kaduna  media consultant and public affairs analyst


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