1. I thank Almighty Allah for the victory for Nigerian democracy and our party the All Progressives Congress. Indeed I congratulate all Nigerians who in patriotism, demonstrated abiding faith in sincerity and honesty by massively voting for the return of President Muhammadu Buhari at the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

2. This victory is a ‘referendum on honesty’ and it affirms that Nigeria stands as a democracy determined to go the next level.

3. I salute all Nigerlites for once again restating our firm belief in the ideology of APC as a party and that of president Buhari as a man committed to the actualization of the Nigerian dream of greater opportunities for all in a thriving economy, enhanced security and zero tolerance for corruption as the foundation of our national rebirth.

4. I congratulate the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for conducting credible, free and fair elections, the Security Agencies and other critical stakeholders for each playing their contributory role in ensuring the smooth conduct of the elections.

5. As we prepare to go to the pools to elect Governors and members of the State Assemblies, it is important that we sustain and double the enthusiasm to all go out in larger numbers to vote for all APC candidates and ensure that our votes count in an atmosphere of peace and respect for the diverse political interests.

6. We must continue to believe and encourage INEC to fulfill and honour it’s responsibility to conduct free, fair and credible elections in a transparent manner. Because it is only ‘upon the freely expressed will of the people that a government, which is truly dedicated to the welfare, rights and interests of the people can be founded.’

7. We must not allow anyone to discourage us from the exercise of our rights; we all have a responsibility to ensure that our democracy thrives and succeeds. Without acceding to any form of provocations, violence, unruly behaviours and unrest, we can replicate victory in the forthcoming March 9th Governorship and State Assembly elections.

8. Let me use this opportunity to call on all Nigerlites to go beyond party lines and vote me and all other APC candidates so that we can consolidate on our gains in the last four years in the areas of enhanced healthcare delivery, provision of functional education, increased infrastructural development, expanding water supply, timely payment of salaries, wages and other entitlements and above all sustaining good governance.

9. Niger state is the only state we have and it is binding on us to ensure that we contribute our quota towards taking the state into the next level. We can only do that by making the right choices for who lead the state as the Governor and members of the state Assembly, so that, together, we can enhance the attainment of available opportunities for the people and thereby expanding the democratic prospects of our state.

10. Finally, I once again appreciate all Nigerlites for the overwhelming support during the Presidential and National Assembly elections. I appeal to you all to come out enmass on Saturday, 9th of March 2019 and vote for all APC candidates so that we can complete the task we started.

Hassan Usman Author

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