Opportunities Abound To Make Bauchi State Envy Of All – Ambassador Ahmed Adamu

The gubernatorial candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Bauchi State, Ambassador Shuaibu Ahmed Adamu is optimistic that with the human and natural resources that the state is blessed with, it can be the envy of others if harnessed and properly managed.
He expressed this in a statement titled, ‘My Thoughts And Ambition For Bauchi State’ in which he listed the huge potentials and how they can be utilised, if given the mandate to govern the state at the gubernatorial polls scheduled for March 9, 2019.
“Bauchi State has amazing potentials. The state is rich in natural resources with a land mass of 49,259 square kilometres of 5.3 of Nigeria’s total land mass. It is also rich in human resources with a population of nearly 6 million people, the seventh most populous state in Nigeria.
“The agricultural potentials of Bauchi State with both rain and irrigation farming are also enormous. Of the state’s total land mass of 4,925,900 hectares, 80 per cent of it or 3,900,000 hectares is suitable for farming,” he stressed.
Ambassador Ahmed Adamu said that going side by side with agriculture, the livestock potentials of Bauchi State is also huge.
“With an estimated livestock population of 1.2 million goats and nearly four million poultry (chicken, ducks, turkey, pigeons and guinea fowl) and 43 grazing reserves, Bauchi State could be turned into meat capital of Nigeria,” he pointed out.
Speaking further, he said that Bauchi State is also blessed with numerous mineral resources such as good, lead, casserite, columbite, iron ore, limestone, antimony, gypsum, zinc, sulphur, amethyst, aquamarine, marble and granite.
“These mineral resources are still largely unexplored and untapped,” he lamented.
As a huge tourism market, the NNPP Gubernatorial candidate said that the state is endowed with numerous tourist attractions; the Yankari Games Reserve, the Sumu Wild Life Park, the Lame-Bura Game Reserve, etc.
In terms of sports development, he noted that Bauchi State also has one of the best sporting facilities in Nigeria (the Games Village, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, Multipurpose Sports Complex, Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Synthetic Hockey Pitch, uncompleted glass squash court etc).
On power generation to grow industries and businesses, he said that there are also extraordinary opportunities in Bauchi State for hydro and solar power; geothermal energy and biofuels.


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