Actually, I like the interlocks on our central roads. It is the best choice for now. I do, for one reason: laying grass on the middle divide will go to waste because of our attitudes to the environment.

Of course, nothing compares with environmental conservation through water, grass and trees which is what many have called for. However, our lawlessness and penchant for the rough and the ugly will not allow for the tendering and sustenance of trees and the grass on our township roads. We know ourselves.

The question to ask is how many of us have planted trees in our houses and streets? The fault I have noticed on the part of government and environment NGOs is that, I haven’t seen either distributing trees in the townships. Our Forest Guards along with NGOs and Government should launch township campaigns of TREES AS ROOFS or Trees as Friends. As it is now, trees are our enemies in townships. Therefore, since our minds are so locked out with ideas and obedience to the law, codes and conduct then interlocking of portions of our central roads fit you. You just got the ajekpako life you deserve. If our houses and streets are full of trees, we may not need them on the central-township roads, anyway.

More, seeing how corruption has refused to go away, interlocking those portions of the roads reduces the amount of money that would be required for keeping the trees on the roads.

Four months ago, I planted three additional trees in my house to make it four.

Meanwhile, the question I couldn’t answer was the one that says: why the interlocks when all the major dual carriage roads that run through central Minna and that of Kpakungu where the interlocks are being done, are all bad? Meaning, these two primary roads need complete reconstruction. While doing that, remember to reduce the size of the central divide to make the inner and the outer lanes, wider…

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