AISHA BUHARI, you know I like you


Mummy, you know I really like you so don’t be looking for trouble na. I am permanently on your side and would hate to yab you in any form or manner.

So just quietly withdraw that statement that Nigerians are enjoying better governance under daddy. You yourself I am sure do not believe in that statement. Maybe you just said it to make him happy or something.

So just nicely withdraw the statement so that we can continue with our sweet relationship. I have said enough this week and would not like to be accused of hate speech so I will not list reasons why I do not agree with this your position on good governance.

By the way, how have you been and I really hope you are doing well? The guy that took those funds, has he confessed? Anyways, let’s leave that one jo. God bless you and stay well, we shall meet February 2019. I will wave at you from the other queue. Teheeeee

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