Governor Abubakar Sani Bello had presented 2019 budget of sustenance and continuity to the Niger state house of assembly with priority attention on completing on-going projects in the areas of infrastructure, education, water resources, agriculture and social development to stimulate economic growth through investment inflows.

The Governor addressed the state legislatures that the total anticipated revenue to the state in 2019 is n159billion, 529million 728thousand and 377naira.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello said the budget is higher than 2018 appropriation by 5.43%, he further explained that the revenue will be derived from statutory allocation of 61billion, 676million, 145thousand and 300naira, value added tax of 12billion, 24million, 221thouand and 257naira, internal generated revenue of 15billion, 174million, 243thousand and 716naira.

Estimated Paris club refund of 12billion, 273million, 897thousand and 415naira, dividends from north-south power of 300million, refund from National electricity liability co. (NELCO) of 3billion and 825million and refund from pension fund administrators of 4billion.

The Governor confirmed to the legislatures that the total estimated recurrent expenditure for 2019 fiscal year stands at 63billion, 324million, 292thousand, 994naira which is 39.69%, he further highlighted that capital expenditure stand at 96billion, 205million, 435thousand and 383naira which is 60.31% of the entire budget.

The Governor said recurrent expenditure comprises of personnel cost of 36billion, 86million, 758thousand and 686naira, while overhead cost is estimated at 13billion, 980million, 267thousand and 154naira and consolidated revenue of 13billion, 257million, 267thousand and 154naira, with a total estimate of 63billion, 324million, 292thousand and 994naira.

The Governor however breakdown further that the total projected capital expenditure for the year 2019 stand at 89billion, 543million, 981thousand and 70naira which administrative sector will gulf 8billion, 755million, 893thousand and 739naira, economic sector will gulf 56billion, 32million, 763thousand and 590naira

The Governor said law and justice sector will gulf 1billion, 540million, while social sector will gulf 29billion, 876million, 778thousand and 54naira with a total sum of 96billion, 205million, 435thousand and 383naira.

In Agriculture, the Governor said 200 hectares of land will be cleared under the agricultural youth empowerment program to encourage youths into agribusiness with a proposed allocation of 6.711billion.

In commerce and industry, the Governor stated that a sum of n180 million will be set aside for investment program of the state equity participation in joint ventures and resuscitation of moribund small-scale enterprises, which will be actively encouraged.

The Governor said the tourism policy of his administration is to develop the tourism industry in partnership with interested corporate and private individuals and a sum of 265million is proposed for tourism development and cultural promotion for 2019 fiscal year.

The Governor confirmed that a total sum of 1.9billion is allocated to works and transport for the construction of township roads in Minna and another 1.2billion for the completion of on-going road projects in Kontagora, Agaie, Suleja, and internal access roads within IBBU Lapai.

The Governor said funds will be provided for the rehabilitation and maintenance of state-owned roads and federal roads that pass through the state with a proposed estimate of 2billion naira.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello said the sum of 1billion is proposed for the completion of various rural electrification projects across the three (3) senatorial zones of the state and provision of dedicated 33kva line in Minna, Bida and Kontagora water works and some communities.

Also, the Governor stated that the sum of 1billion has been earmarked for the completion of on-going streetlight projects in Minna, Kontagora and for procurement of its accessories. The Governor said 2.4billion is earmarked for water and dams development and also 3.752billion and 7.625billion have been proposed for the rehabilitation and the expansion of water schemes across the state.

In lands, housing, and town planning, the Governor said the sum of 190million is proposed for acquisition of land, to be developed into residential, commercial and industrial plots for allocation to the public. The Governor said other activities include the preparation of integrated development plans for Minna and Suleja with a sum of 460million had been proposed.

The Governor reiterated that education will continue to receive the desired attention in 2019 with the on-going whole school approach program with a proposed sum of 840.516million; he said the sum of 2.273billion had been earmarked to pay the state outstanding contributions for 2017, 2018 and 2019 UBEC intervention.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello affirmed that rehabilitation/upgrading and renovation of health facilities across the state and procurement of drugs and medical equipment will be accorded more attention in the 2019 fiscal year with an allocation of 11.037billion

The Governor stressed out that judiciary independent and bringing justice nearer to the people is one of his administration priority which 1.540billion had been earmarked for judicial sector in 2019, key activities include the continuation of on-going rehabilitation of court buildings across the state, the completion of Sharia court of appeal complex in Minna and the extension of the judicial service commission complex.

In the General administration sector 8.755billion had been proposed for the following projects: renovation of government house, re-activation of Kontagora, Bida and New Bussa booster stations, completion of assembly complex and implementation of SDGs interventions projects across the state.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello said government will continue to pay pensions and gratuity with a proposed sum of 6billion in the 2019 budget estimate.

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