Why I Am Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend” — Miss Nigeria Reveals

Expectedly, beauty queens are not permitted to be in a relationship during their reign. Most of them claim they abide by that rule, including the current Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi. When Saturday Beats asked the young beauty queen how she has been able to cope with that, she said it was just a protective measure […]

Photos From First Ever Miss Wheelchair World Beauty Pagean

Aleksandra Chichikova, a psychology student from Belarus, became the winner of Miss Wheelchair World, a beauty pageant first of its kind held in Warsaw on Saturday. According to an Associated Press report, a Polish organization, founded by two disabled women, had held the event in an effort to change people’s perceptions about people with disabilities. Lebohang Monyatsi from South Africa was […]

Ango da amarya sun roki baki su dauki nauyin bikinsu

Image captionBen da Clare sun shafe shekara 6 su na tare, kuma su na da ‘Ya mai shekara 3 Wasu amarya da ango da ba su da kudin yin biki na kece reni, sun roki mahalarta bikin ko wanne ya ba su tallafin fan 150, kuma za su ba da kudin ne ta hanyar amfani […]

Ko kun san sirrin mallakar miji?

Hakkin mallakar hotoGETTY IMAGESImage captionKunshi na daya daga cikin adon da mata kan yi wa mazajensu A birnin Kano da ke arewacin Najeriya, wasu mata sun dukufa wajen koya wa takwarorinsu matan aure da budurwai da zawarawa hanyoyin gyaran jiki da kara dankon soyayya tsakanin ma`aurata. A baya-bayan nan dai masana na ganin cewa rashin […]

Tomatoes ‘lose flavour’ when refrigerated

A new study has found that tomatoes, when stored away in the fridge, are prone to losing their flavour. The research which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that tomatoes kept in rooms with any temperature below 12 degrees Celsius (about 54 degrees Fahrenheit) inhibit enzymes that help develop taste. Refrigerated […]


By Aisha Wakaso The wife of the Niger State Governor and Founder of RAiSE Foundation Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello has conducted free Vesico Vaginal Fistula surgeries for 30 women in Bida. She opened a VVF camp where women with the condition across the state gathered in Bida for the surgeries. She stated that proper education […]

Tale of Three Warring Brothers

Royalty is sweet!  The luxury of a modern palace is irresistibly tempting!  So also fame is coveted by all and sundry! If you are in agreement with this postulation, you may not need to cudgel your brains so much to unravel the mystery behind long-drawn battle among the three sons of the Oniru of Iruland, […]

Introducing The World’s 1st Alkaline Coffee; Have a Drink to your Health

Liven Alkaline Coffee is the World’s First Alkaline Coffee; a product of Alliance In Motion Global-(AIMglobal). Liven Alkaline Coffee is a natural low-caffeine Arabica coffee fortified with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete phyto-energizer Dietary Supplement-Vcaps; in other words all the health benefits of Complete phyto-energizer are present in Liven Alkaline Coffee making it an “Ex-ordinary” Health Coffee. Ordinary coffee is known […]

Teelda Spa & Cosmetics: Face and Body Care Products

Teelda Spa & Cosmetics-TSC is an affiliate of Teelda House of Concepts; a body/skin care product-line for everyone (kids, youth and old both male and female). Our products are intended to complement all skin types; to repair, rejuvenate and give even tone flawless outlook without blemishes, giving you a more confident skin. Our products are a combination of highly tested healthy […]