‘The leaders Nigeria needs in 2019’

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, politicians have been cautioned against dividing Nigerians along the religious and ethnic lines. The chairman of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon, made the call in Kaduna. Speaking at a lecture themed “Christian and Muslim Learning Together the Challenge and Opportunity for Religious Leadership Today”, he said […]

Niger’s Lolo, and His Critics

  By Adam Abubakar Evuti People who are critical of the Government of Abubakar Sani Bello say that His Excellency is doing only “small things,” and that the media team of the government is making noise about these “small things.” I do not disagree with them that we are making noise but I refuse to […]

Central Primary School Minnal: A question for the Old Boys!

  By; Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta This is Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) Primary School, Gwari/Stadium Road, Minna,(formerly Central Primary School), named after one her famous Old Boys and former Nigerian Military President. Founded in 1936, IBB primary school is if not the oldest primary school in Minna metropolis with its motto as; Listen and Learn. The […]


BY PROF. S. A. ZURU It is with profound nostalgic tears in my eyes that I undertake this conversation. Growing up in my native Zuru, I had the best experience that life could offer; the unadulterated nature, geniune mutual community spirit amongs families so much so that, every child was a community treasure rather than […]


                               This anecdote mirrors the nostalgic narrative of the ancient city of Minna in reminiscing the old experience and behaviour of the town. The story revolves around the history and innocence of the town by recasting the memories and character of Minna; her Hills, Paida, Bosso, Hawan Sallah a gidan sarki, Filin kaci uwarka, Kasuwan […]


*Whenever you are dealing with people, you must always remember that there is tomorrow and you might néed them tomorrow. You may end up needing help from the people who are asking for your help today, so help as much as you can.* *Life is like moving wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you […]

Governor Sani Bello Seems Wasteful, Credulous.

Greetings Nigerlites. I am back on track to share views with you on the political tango in Niger State. I am doing this to exhibit my political education thereby contributing my quota to the development of my State through the exercise of my inalienable Rights enshrined in section 39 of the constitution of the Federal […]

2019 and elrufai’s impending political blunder

Opinion on Kaduna 2019 One of the several definitions of blunder and the one most widely accepted is “a gross mistake to made, especially through carelessness, stupidity,  confusion or without guidance. Long before the 24-hour news cycle came along, kings, presidents, and emperors committed all sorts of blunders. One of history’s most major missteps and […]


BM Dzukogi  wrote : The federal ministers from Niger state right from Sardauna’s time have been very prolific men. They were not just central characters in their governments but people-centred administrators. If we start from Alhaji Aliyu Makaman Bida, who was the Vice Premier to Sardauna and Minister of Finance, you will know what I […]

“5 Costly Mistakes Entertainers Make’’

The book: ‘5 Costly Mistakes Entertainers Make’ is aimed at providing guidelines on how entertainers can avoid blunders and errors capable of negatively affecting their showbiz. Kehinde Ajose, an entertainment journalist and author of the new book, said this on Friday. Ajose told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he had to write the […]