The History Of The Nupe People

Nupe people The Nupe people are called different names by various tribes in Nigeria. The Yoruba refer to them as Takpa, the Hausas call them Nufawa (Plural) or Banufe (Singular).The Gbagyi (Gwari / Gbari) refer to them as Anupeyi. The Nupe people refer to themselves as Nupenchizhi(Plural) and Nupenchi (Singular). The Nupe comprises other related ethnic groups or sub-tribes namely; […]


Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar SaNI-Bello on Saturday attended 10th Nupe Day Celebration at Etsu Nupe’s palace in Bida. Gov Sani-Bello was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Hon Mikhail Almin Bmitosahi, Head of Service, Alhaji Yabagi Sule,other members of NIger State Executive Council , Special Advisers, Director Generals and other political appointees. Also on […]

Masarautar Kano tana nan fiye da shekara 2000

Hakkin mallakar hotoGETTY IMAGESImage captionSarkin Kano Marigayi Ado Bayero Wannan makala ce da muka yi bayan da muka bukaci ku aiko tambayoyinku a kan tarihin masarautar Kano. BBC ta dauki lokaci don samo amsar tambayoyin daga wajen masana tarihi na masarautar Kano: Masarautar Kano tana cikin manyan masarautu a kasar Hausa a yammacin Afirka. Tarihi […]

Cultural display as new Eze Igbo emerged in Kafanchan

Last week, Kafanchan, a town in Kaduna State, came alive with the enthronement of a new Igbo leader. The ceremony was an opportunity to showcase the people’s culture. The ever-busy Kafanchan town in Jama’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State witnessed a carnival of sorts during the formal enthronement of Chief Richard Ogbonna as the […]

The Askira coronation rites title holders must go through

The turbaning of title holders by the Askira Emirate in Borno State unveils an enthralling coronation and investiture tradition sustaining the distinct identity of a foremost Marghi community. For a long moment, the expansive crowd was thrown into a pin-drop silence. The Zanna Marghima emerged from the sizeable group of his fellow kingmakers, councilors, title […]

Gade culture resurrects at dazzling festival

The Gade natives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have a rich culture and tradition just like other ethnic groups in Nigeria. Despite the fact that urbanization has changed their environment and landscape, they still hold on to their cultural norms and values, and find time to showcase and celebrate their unique festivals. These Gade […]

The Nok Culture

The Nok people of Nigeria were smelters of iron but also agriculturalists. C. Elliott describes how the culture they founded may have a deep effect upon the ancient history of Africa. Nigeria, the most populous of modern African states, and potentially the strongest, also possesses richer evidence of its artistic past than any other section of the […]

Cultural Ambassador Urges Govt. To Invest In Arts For National Development

An international artiste, Peter Badejo, has appealed to the Federal Government to institutionalise and invest in the arts sector for the benefits of the country and stakeholders in the industry. Badejo, an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) told the news Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos an an event commemorating his […]