Nigeria’s Present Rectangle of Tragedy

Since the past six years, no people have been so cruelly, and almost unanimously, ridiculed like members of the Nigerian armed forces. They’ve become the butt of our jokes, and scapegoat of every security lapse, and our anger, though understandable, is often misplaced, directed at the wrong party. Ever since I learnt, or trained my […]

In case you missed it (His Royal Highness The Emir Of Minna…..)

His Royal Highness Alh Dr Umar Faruq Bahago(CON), the Emir of minna a perfect example of humility, gentility, charismatic, tolerance and a true servant of the most gracious Allaah. A perfect personification of peace and a role model to many. May Your Reign be Long He is a father to many, a mentor to many […]

Niger APC Tackles PDP

Niger State Government under Dr Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu declared 2009 as the year of water. Ever since this declaration, the taps are running dry in the state capital, Minna. The unfortunate situation is here where we have a state that derived its name from River Niger. Which ever route you take coming into or going […]

The Transfiguration Of General Buhari, By @DeleMomodu

Fellow Nigerians, miracles shall never end. That is the only way to describe the incredible story of Major General Muhammadu Buhari at this auspicious moment. No one could have envisaged or foretold the huge drama being enacted before our very eyes.  It was not as if his popularity and cult-followership was ever in doubt but […]

This Thing is Not a Change, Nigeria!

It’s obvious now that, in Nigeria, only imperceptive politicians and public servants, particularly those lacking the will or wisdom to play on the sentiments or emotions of the people, get judged and written about harshly. Or, is it just that memory is a trick that deserts Nigerians whenever sentiments are stoked and emotions stirred up? […]

OBASANJO : His Architectural Design and Failed Pocketing Of a Nation

By Fodio Ahmed I will try and keep it together, above all simple. Baba, I am not here to mount gramma or analyze your dramatic attitudes, but certainly as a former president who served both in the Military and Civilian eras, you need no introduction. Baba, you became a military president after the successful assassination […]

Between President Jonathan and General Buhari

By Mohammed Haruna   Last Wednesday, this column ended with a promise that today, God willing, we’ll examine the question about whether the opposition leadership can deliver on its commitment of bringing an end to the nasty and brutish present the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has landed us in and would like us to […]

Between Soludo and Okonjo-Iweala

By Mohammed Haruna   Just when it looked like Nigerians were condemned to listening to barren debates on non-issues in the run-up to the February 14 presidential and federal legislative elections, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, waded in on January 25 with a bombshell that ought to […]

Made In Nigeria, Only For Nigerians

By Simon Kolawole Some years ago — in 2004, I think — I started a series of articles which I titled “Made in Nigeria, Enjoyed Worldwide”. My intention was to celebrate good news coming out of Nigeria. I wrote on rising Nigerian brands, highlighting my dream and desire to see them go and conquer Africa […]

BBC Created The Profile Of Goodluck Jonathan

Can a given name define one’s fate? For the past few years, Nigeria has been led by a man whose middle name Ebele means “God’s Mercy”, while his first name doesn’t even need interpretation. Son of canoe-makers, Goodluck Jonathan fancies fedora hats and holds a PhD in biology. He is defined as a man who, after […]