By: Gimba Kakanda That former President Olusegun Obasanjo has risen to this moral compass in 2018 Nigeria is itself an indictment of our morality and record-keeping, for it highlights the painful ease with which past criminals are given amnesty by the very public they have offended, those whose trust they have abused recklessly. This latter-day […]


By: BM Dzukogi It is not wealth that we lack; it is just that a few who didn’t need all, took all. It is not knowledge that we don’t have; it is just that everyone who has it thinks he is better than all, hence, its uselessness. More, most of us use our knowledge for […]

Ko za ka iya cudanya da tubabben dan Boko Haram?

Hakkin mallakar hotoGETTY IMAGESImage caption‘Yan Boko Haram da aka suka tuba za su yi cudanya a jama’a A yayin da rundunar sojin Najeriya ta ce ta sauya dabi’un wasu ‘yan Boko Haram tare da sakin su don su saje cikin al’umma, wasu ‘yan Najeriya na ganin matakin ya dace yayin da wasu ke ganin cudanyarsu […]


I made a quick scan yesterday about the age of some of the people whose intention has been publicly declared to run as presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial candidates in the upcoming 2019 general elections but was supprised that almost all of them have age older than 60, the civil service retirement age. The retirement age […]

Trying harder, next time

Dearest Buhari, I am just watching the images from the burial of dozens of people murdered in Benue by armed men who have been alleged to be “herdsmen” in what has also been referred to as alleged reprisal attacks. The images were difficult to see. However, I also read people attack you for not being […]

Reminiscences with Ibrahim Muhammad Remawa

Alhaji Ibrahim Muhammad Remawa retired as the accountant-general of Kaduna State in 1983. Born in April 1, 1933, Remawa joined the Native Authority as a clerk in 1955, but moved to Kaduna civil service in 1963. He later joined Bank of the North, where he rose to become an assistant general manager. Not satisfied with […]


We read with astonishing surprise the self-serving credited piece credited to “Distinguished” Sen. David Umaru, titled (THE GBAGYI/GBARI: time for introspection) posted on the social medial dated 8/01/2018. In his observations and comments we have come to the conclusion that Sen. David is crassly ignorant of chieftancy affairs in Minna Emirate. Thus, his ignorance is […]