One thing you can’t take away from Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed

By Maryam Gata

It is not everybody’s politics that could be fanciful to you.

Even if everyone fancies someone or an idea, you could dissent. That is in itself a human right.

Since he assumed office as the Senator representing the southern part of Niger State, mixed reactions have been trailing Mustapha Sani Mohamned’s tenure, even though it is barely three years.

Some says he’s duck-headed and cannot discharge legislative duties effectively, even though all the (intellectual) noises our lawmakers have been making for ages haven’t translated into food atop the tables of the masses.

Some says he’s under-performed, even though he’s to a great extent dealt with the problem of potable water in which many parts of the zone have been enmeshed. He’s also facilitated the multi-billion Naira reconstruction of the nightmarish Lambatta-Bida road which, to me, is a zenith of competency.

You could accuse him of whatever you want to accuse him of, but not his empathy with his constituents.

Save if re-election is in the offing, an average Nigerian senator wouldn’t return home. Mustapha Sani hardly spend a month without going home to interact with the people he’s representing. How would a leader understands and takes forward the plights of his people if he doesn’t interact with them?

Also, many a senator is hard to see even if you go to his/her office in the national assembly, but Mustapha Sani seems different, considering my recent experience in his office.

Dozens of us were respectively there to see him. He opened the door of his inner office and urged everyone to come in.

One after the other, we were all able to present our cases, despite the fact that he had to stay in the office until very late in the evening. I was impressed, given my previous experiences with other senators or ‘big men’.

Last weekend he was in Bida for three days and people and groups from across the zone trooped his residence, registering their needs.

He’s back this weekend to continue from where he stopped last weekend. This is a rare case study of how to be a senator.

Hassan Usman Author

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