Gov Abu Sani Bello was celebrated in Erena, Shiroro Local Government.

By Abdullberqy U Ebbo

Some say no elected public office holder can dare go to Erena and come out without been stoned. Others say Erena is a crisis axis that public office holders are afraid to go.

Today, the people of Erena have proved them wrong, they’ve shown clearly that they’re loving and accommodating people.

Governor Abu Sani Bello was not only welcomed by the people of Erena, he was celebrated. The importance of keeping in touch with your people cannot be overemphasized, Governor Abu Sani Bello has never kept himself away for the electorates. He recently toured all the 25 LGs of the state to hear from them directly their worries.

The Governor even before interfacing with the people while on his way to Erena did direct the Hon. commissioner of works to have before his return a survey of the deadly Erena road, instruction which was immediately carried out by the Hon. Commissioner.

Details of the 16.5km road will be issued soon. Same directives was given on the dilapidated Erena secondary schools.

Small interventions that do not require budgetary provision are to be carried out immediately such as construction of motorize boreholes, completion of Erena central mosque as requested by the people.

Hassan Usman Author

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