My dad and I are like best friends – Amina Tijjani Dutse

My dad and I are  like best friends  – Amina Tijjani Dutse

Amina Tijjani Dutse is a Law graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and the daughter of former Jigawa State Commissioner for Justice, Alhaji Tijjani Dutse. The aspiring lawyer shares with us the type of man her dad is at home and more.

Daily Trust: What is the relationship between you and your dad like?

Amina Tijjani Dutse: As the first child, I will refer to the relationship between my dad and I as very strong. From our mode of interaction, we basically talk about almost everything – we joke, we tease one another and we also have deep and serious conversations when necessary. Sometimes when you see the two of us talking you would think we are best friends.

DT: What traits do you admire the most in your dad?

Amina: My dad is an honest person. I admire his honesty very much. He is always ready to say the truth and stand by it, with whomever and in whatever situation.

DT: What type of father is he – strict or relaxed?

Amina: Well, I would say my dad is both strict and relaxed at the same time. He is a disciplinarian not only to his family but to everyone. And then he’s relaxed when it comes to our day-to-day relationship.

DT: What role did your dad play in your becoming a lawyer?

Amina: He gave me an insight on what it takes to be a legal practitioner and also motivated me to become one both directly and indirectly. I wanted to become the kind of lawyer he is one day.

DT: What made you follow in his footsteps?

Amina: While growing up, my dad had always been my inspiration. I admired qualities like his honesty and forthrightness and I really wanted to be like him.

DT: What advice has he given you that has stuck with you till date?

Amina: He would always say: be kind, generous, courageous, contented, learn to give and always thank Allah for all that He has given you.

DT: What is his favourite food?

Amina: He is quite picky when it comes to his choice of food. He doesn’t have a favorite food. He’s okay as long as the food is nice and presentable.

DT: What is his favourite TV programme?

Amina: He enjoys watching the news and that is the only thing he watches on TV.

DT: How does he relax?

Amina: He goes out to play golf and sometimes, takes his family out for picnic or on vacation.

DT: If he wasn’t a lawyer, what else do you think he would have excelled at?

Amina: I think my dad would have made a great architect. He loves designing his house to his own taste.

DT: What aspect of your father are people not aware of?

Amina: That he’s a very softhearted person.

DT: What is the best thing about having a lawyer for a dad?

Amina: It has taught me how to be organized, diligent and made me have a sense of fairness and justice instilled in mme.

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