What Bida youths did to Governor Abubakar Sani…

Ayatullah Musa

What Bida youths did to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello last week was very uncalled for. It’s politically uncivilized and barbaric. Was it a crime when he faithfully came to sympathize with you over the fire inferno that destroyed the modern market of the ancient city? Where did he go wrong? Even if you don’t like him, it is an act of hooligan to be chaotic against your leader especially in democratic settings like this.

Those who are wailing and chorusing that the amiable young Governor has not done enough are economically far from the truth and are grossly not fair to him at all, though they are entitled to their personal opinions and judgments.
Why all these wicked and false judgements?

When the Governor came on board, he ensured that all road projects and other people oriented projects that were not completed by his predecessors were completed by him.

Let me start from Bida the ancient city of the stone throwers. Governor Abubakar Sani Bello completed dokodza GRA road in Bida. He also rehabilitated the Government Girls Secondary School Bida and equipped it with full hostel accommodation and modern learning materials. He constructed so many important drainages in Bida to save the ancient city from the incessant turmoils of flood during rainy seasons. He graciously and kindly constructed Landzun bridge in Bida that connects so many suburb of Bida city. The Governor also rehabilitated Ndayakwo primary school Bida as well as renovation of College of nursing Bida. He built Healthcare Center in Masaba B Ward in Bida. He also constructed Takowasa Bangaie Road in Bida. co He built high rising class room at St John primary school Bida to position it as a modern primary school. He built the modern fire service station in Bida. He rehabilitated and fenced Ndazabo primary school in Bida and many other projects executed in Bida by this Young Governor. I with utmost sincerity challenge any Bida person to come to this social media to constructively prove me wrong that all the projects I pointed out here were not executed by the Governor Bida. Haba Bida People!

Come down to Minna. He completed Kure Modern Market Road as well as Kuta Road. He also classically reconstructed the Sabon Gari -Kasuwan Gwari Road that had been abandoned by two of his predecessors. He constructed the Dutsen Kura to Bida Road via Gbeganu. He also constructed the Brighter School – NNPC mega filling station Ring Road. He rehabilitated the Tagwai Dam Road. He equipped Minna Waterworks Station with modern equipment. He also procured modern transmitter for Niger State Television. Much he has expended on Minna -Suleja Road to ensure that it never becomes a death trap for commuters despite the fact that it is a Federal Trunk A Road.
The Governor has executed similar roads projects in the major cities and towns across the state. He has also graded so many local roads in the state.

Much he had done in the Agricultural sectors by supporting farmers with agricultural implements .

In the Area of Education, the Governor has reconstructed, rehabilitated and renovated so many primary schools and equipped them to meet the desires of the modern schools. He has of course rehabilitated notable secondary schools in Niger state, for example, Maryam Babangida Girls Science College Minna, Government Science College Kutigi, Government Science College Izom Governor Girls Secondary school Tegina, Government Girls Secondary School Bida etc. These schools I have mentioned are fully equipped with modern educational equipment that worth billions of naira. I challenge anyone who will come and prove me wrong.

I am not saying that the Governor has no lapses. Of course he may have his own lapses simply because he is a human being but it is morally wrong and inhuman to say that he is not doing something. If there is any crime the Governor committed against himself is his inability to publicize his projects as his predecessor used to do.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has done well given the meagre resources available to him and he deserves the second tenure.

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