Present Administration of Governor Abubakar Sadeeq Sani Bello Have the following son of the soil of Bida Emirate Council in his Cabinet…..

1)Deputy Governor.

2)Commissioner Finance ,Commissioner
mining,Commissioner Environment and forestry and Commissioner transport.

3)two Special Advisers.

4)Chairman Liquor Licence Board .

5) Nine (9)Director Generals

6) Three (3) Project Managers (Special Intervention Unit Governor’s Office)

7) Six (6) State Coordinators

8)Thirty Five(35) SSA’s

9) SA’s and PA’s to mention but few.

…………On Governor Bello’s effort to ensure Bida town gets Dividend of Democracy…….

He has the Following:-

1)Completion Dokodza GRA road in Bida.

2)Renovation of GGss Bida, under whole
school Approach.

3 Construction of Landzun bridge in Bida.

4)Renovation of Ndayako primary school Bida.

5)Renovation of school of nursing Bids

6)Construction of health care Center in Masaba B ward in Bida.

7)Construction of Takowasa Bangaie Road in Bida .

8)Construction of High Rising Class Room at St John primary school Bida .

9)Construction of fire service station in Bida.

10)Construction of Drainage from Esso to Lafia Clinic in Bida

11)Fencing of Ndazabo primary school Bida.

All In 2 years of Alh Abubakar Sadeeq Sani Bello’s Administration

My Question is as follows . .

1) is it that all the above mentioned Appointees are not relating well with the good people of Bida or they are not on ground at grassroot?

2) is it that all the effort made by Mr Governor is not appreciated by the Good people of Bida?

3)Or is it just a plan to Distract Government
and mislead the Electorate?

4) Or is it the party executives that hijacked the resources made available for the electorates?

Government officials need to synergize for the progress and development of our state.

Hassan Usman Author

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