I feel really ashamed on the attitude of three different set of people on this issue.

First are the ones that are jumping to celebrate the “landslide victory” recorded by APC at the Kano LG Elections, despite the glaring abused of children that are not of voting age. Personally I am not surprise with the irregularities of the election process, because we have even seen and heard of worst scenarios. However, what make this different like I initially said, is the use of small children in carryout this anomaly. Yet, this set of blind followers seems to be basking in euphoria of the outcome of election without recourse to how it happened. This smells to high heaven.

The second category are those that felt it was the hand work of the opposition, who want to portray the image of the ruling party as evil! How should that be the concern of anybody? Is this the first time we witnessed attacks and counter attacks between political parties and politicians? One will thought they will vehemently condemned the use of small children as agents of rigging elections who are supposed to be in school, instead they are focusing on shifting blame while turning there back to the real issue.

The last category are those that always want to see this kind of issue as an opportunity to create an Ethnic and Religious divide. They are everywhere shouting and making those that listen to them believe that that is how the north “normally” and “always” vote! Who listen to such cheap lies and blackmail?

Sincerely, majority of us on this space and outside have totally got it wrong on this. We are supposed to rally round those kids and fight for their rights. This is the peak of child abuse. Where are the activist, the change agents, the child rights organizations and lawyers? This is the time to call a spade a spade no matter who’s involved. APC or PDP, Gandujiyya or Kwankwasiyya and anybody.

Our children first, before any other thing.

@Ibrahim Akibu Ja’afaru

Abdulazeez Author

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