We read with astonishing surprise the self-serving credited piece credited to “Distinguished” Sen. David Umaru, titled (THE GBAGYI/GBARI: time for introspection) posted on the social medial dated 8/01/2018.
In his observations and comments we have come to the conclusion that Sen. David is crassly ignorant of chieftancy affairs in Minna Emirate. Thus, his ignorance is borne out of the following reasons.
The senator was not born in Niger State.
He came to Niger State when he was fully grown up boy after his law school and his national service year.
Though, an indigene of Niger State by marriage, he has lazily failed woefully to find out from elders of Gbagyi nation, the Gbagyi history, culture and tradition of Minna emirate.
He refused to find out the history of how Gbagyi Federation was formed.
He has refused to find out how Paiko/Gawu Bosso/Maikunkele Manta Minna. Kuta/dangunu/Guni/Fuka/Gani, Galadima Kog/Gurara/Kusheka and Alawa. Kafi/Adunu/Ishau come to existence.
Therefore, as a mere migrant from a neighboring Kaduna State, his display of ignorance in the public domain about how the Gbagyi nation was formed is not surprising. He found a drumer as his so called uncle who accommodated him so as to facilitate his political ambition, where as we all know his family home is in Kaduna.
Mr. Senator, for your information, Minna Emirate council is not like other Emirates who were formed as a result of war conquest. There was never a time that a Gbagyi/Gbari man conquered another Gbagyi man or settlement(s) in any war in history.

To take you down memory lane, even when the British colonial rulers that first came to Gbagyi nation who later introduced indirect rule in Northern Nigeria, they met the Gbagyis with their traditional institutions intact, where sagbagyi is the head of His Village elected by their Council members in their village, in case of the death of (SAGBAGYI) it is his council members that will elect a new SAGBAGYI among his children just as the late SAGGBAGYI inherited his father’s throne. This is the way and procedure the Gbagyis elected their leaders since time immemorial. When in 1914 the North and South were amalgamated, with the Northern/Southern, Eastern and Western Nigeria were created by the British, the Gbagyi Nation was already intact.
Furthermore, natives authorities were later created for administrative convenience in Zone “B” where you are presently serving as their SENATOR, Ggbagyi/Kamuku was first created as reform Native Authority. During late Dasuki Local Government reform, Kagara was created as Kamuku Chiefdom.

Then Minna/Paiko/Bosso/Kuta were created as Gwari Federation. In this Emirate there were 5 ruling houses as Minna Emirate namely: Kuta, Galadima Kogo, Minna, Kafin Koro and Paiko. It was resolved that these 5 ruling houses should rule in a rotational basis, Kuta Started ruling, after the d

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