by Ibrahim Muye Yahaya
Niger South Senatorial district of Niger State comprises of eight local governments, namely; Agaie, Bida, Lapai, Edati, Gbako, Katcha, Lavun and Mokwa. The zone is not only endowed with vast arable land, but, endowed with abundant human resources. Just as Nigerians are clamoring for bold changes on good governance, the good people of zone are not left out in this quest. They deserve a better deal so that this democracy works for everyone, not just the elites and special interests.

The role of a lawmaker in a democratic system of government is too vital to be left in the hand of incompetent people. Since return to democracy in Nigeria in 1999, the zone has lagged behind in good governance due to the nature of legislators we continue to elect to represent us. The zone’s graceful decline can be arrested if we have lawmakers that can defend and prop up the interest of the electorates. The district today faces lot of challenges; our schools look more like abandoned farm houses and abattoirs’, our road networks are more like death traps. Presently, Agaie-Katcha-Baro, Bida-Agaie-Lapai-Lambata, Katcha-Bida, Bida-Doko, Bida-Lemu-Zungeru, Lapai-Gulu-Muye and Bida-Minna roads are nothing but death traps.

Our zone has lived through a time of torment in the hand of incompetent representatives at both the state and National Assembly; and 2019 general election is a golden opportunity for healing. It’s imperative that a mandate be given to honest aspirants with track and unblemished records armed with knowledge in the public and private sector in order to meet the yearnings and expectations of the electorate.

We cannot afford more false promises, slogans, theatrics and fool’s gold. We have become too desensitized to the horrendous metrics that define today’s Nigeria. Our zone deserves lawmakers humble enough to see leadership not as an entitlement but as a privilege. We want lawmakers who would curb the growing power of pockets of special or quack interests, which so often conceal their self-serving agendas behind a facade of fist-in-the-air patriotism and unfulfilled promises.

The 2019 general election should not be about political party we belong to; it shouldn’t be about the personality or connections, it shouldn’t be about the wealth or influence of the aspirant, it shouldn’t be about aspirant’s closeness to the government, it shouldn’t be about being an anointed candidate; but the integrity, idea, vision, know-how, charisma, ability and the experience of individuals seeking to lead and represent us.

We want to have faith again; we want to perceive the evidence of good governance in every nook and cranny of the zone. We want to be proud again and we just want the truth again. The verdict is therefore ours to either choose to rebuild our future in other to develop our zone, by voting the right candidates or sustain the legacies we will inherit; incompetent representatives, unfulfilled promises and disappointments.

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