Somebody is missing the point! That the Gbagys have not produced a Governor is out of their choice. The same person is pointing accusing fingers at the Nupes for their woes!

Now let’s get the record straight:

The Gbagys in Niger state had the opportunity to produce a Governor twice: in 1999 and 2007 but in their characteristic way, frittered away the opportunities.

But that is not even the issue. The writer is being too simplistic about the politics of Zoning in Niger state. As we are approaching 2019, I wish to warn that a lot of political re- engineering and calculations are ongoing by individuals and various groups of the state that may constitute a challenge to those who market Zoning of Governor ship seat using sentiments of tribalism as a strategy.


Those ( the tin god’s from the state) who inspired Zoning at National level and smuggled it into the state to dilute the majority status and political might of a particular tribe, have discarded the tribal element of it in the state for personal and group fulfilments. Zoning in the state is now only Zonal based!


Govornor Engineer Kure(Nupe) Zone A- 1999-2007

Governor Babangida Aliyu( Hausa) Zone B- 2007-2015

Governor Abu Sani Bello(Hausa) Zone C- 2015- to date

The developments in Zone B and C are what should interest the Gbagys. They should not allow any mischievous person to divert their attention as always.

The inference from the above skeletal analysis, indicates that of the almost 18 years of unbroken civilian administration since 1999 is:

Nupes the largest have done 8years

Gbagys the 2nd largest have done 0

Hausas the microscopic minority have done 10years!

A zoning arrangement with tribal element would not have sequentially produced Babangida Aliyu and Abu Sani as shown above!

The Gbagys should shine their eyes to be well guided and free themselves from political oppression and bondage.

The Nupes are your allies and not problem. Those who are your problem are close to u, they eat and sleep with you.

The earlier you wake up from your slumber and re -define your partnership or relationship with them the better.

Question for Determination:

With the above analysis, especially the developments in Zone B and C, are we under obligation in Niger state to obey Zoning on ethnic or tribal consideration in 2019 or at any time again?

Dagaci M writes from Kaduna.

Hassan Usman Author

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