-> If you buy data with your money as a jobless youth to praise Buhari govt.

-> If you vote for a change and still join APC to blame PDP for corruption when 26b is still missing in NNPC

-> If you queue for fuel in petrol stations and still put APC flag on your dashboard

-> If you are posting that Atiku is desperate for power and still you are supporting Buhari for second term

-> If your parents can’t pay your school fees and you are Clapping 👏 for Buhari whose kids are in London schools

-> If you have malaria and yet you are fighting people criticizing Buhari’s medical bills

–> If you are in diaspora and everyday you go online to hail APC govt for putting you in life exile

–> If Buhari can pretend to be sick 😷 for 2 years but get well now to seek your vote

-> If by now you still don’t know that APC is ruling with propaganda

-> If you don’t have voter’s card and complain of bad government

–> If Buhari has not found his certificate after 2017 and you still believe he can still recontest elections

–> If after 3years in office and Buhari is still blaming past governments for poor economy and you are still wearing an APC shirt

–> If Buhari keeps paying Paris refund and your Governor can’t pay salaries still

–> If you hail Buhari’s body language for “steady” power supply and you can not now smell his economic body odor 😂

–> If you clap for Buhari for fighting corruption and see Buhari and Tinubu sitting together inside presidential jet

–> If you Abuse Atiku for joining PDP and clap for Obanikoro for joining APC


–> If you are using generator to watch Fashola and Buhari commissioning power plant in Kano

–> If you join APC to condemn PDP convention when APC can not call just ordinary NEC meeting in four years

-> If by now Lai Mohammed is yet to find his voice to criticize PDP convention and you still think the congress is not successful for PDP to win in 2019

-> If lastly you read this joke and not share for People to vote against Buhari’s draconian rule .


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