from chanchaga local government Minna Niger state.

The administration of Governor ABUBAKAR Sani Bello was a child of necessity, it came at a time when those who are saddle with the responsibility of policy making and implementations have personalize and institutionalised a common front in satisfying the minority few at the expense of the masses.

To this end, here comes a man whose passion and determination is to restore the lost glory of the state and rescue the masses from shackles and political hostage. The successes recorded by the administration of Governor Abubakar Sani Bello in Niger state in two (2) years has exposed the opposition party in their sixteen (16) years of Mis-administration, Corruptions , Anarchy and lack of purposeful leadership . There is no doubt the state has witnessed tremendous achievements under his watch from development of infrastructures i.e road constructions across the state, 40% reduction of state own Tetiary institutions tuition fees for Niger state indigenes , provision of portable drinking water, building and renovations of schools and his good governance is attracting potential investors to the state etc .

The opposition party PDP is in the state of comma after their historical defeat in 2015 general election and in their desperation to return to power they have Succumbed to themselves to mere noise makers and cheap blackmailers. It seems that all hopes and their political strategies has not been working too well for them. When the governor sacks some of his Cabinets members (commissioners) in order to have competent hands to add value to his governance , the opposition said it was long overdue , the opposition then came up with another FAKE NEWS of “Frosty Relationship” between the Governor and his 25 local government APC party chairmen , they also insinuated that 25 local government APC party chairmen rejected car gifts from the Governor and the story appears to be baseless and their strategists are not only laughable but un-intelligent and in-productive , now the question to ask is , What were they hoping to achieve out of these? Is it to separate and cause chaos for Apc party with their Governor ? Hmm this is just a figment of their imaginations . The Governor is the pride of APC in Niger state and there is a cordial relationship between the Governor and his party.

The slogan ‘Lolo is working’ is a clear testimony of the Governors commitment in discharging his responsibility and delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Niger state. At the end the opposition PDP will come to terms with the reality of Governor ABUBAKAR Sani Bello as the impetus of hope and remain the best option to take Niger state to greater heights.your Excellency Sir, keep on moving the champion of restoration.

Hassan Usman Author

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