The Niger South senatorial zone has been witnessing different style of leadership since from the inception; 1999 to date. Knowing the fact that the zone is subdivided into three federal constituency of the state: 1- the Bida, Gbako and Katcha federal constituency. 2- the Agai/Lapai federal constituency and 3- Edati, Lavun and Mokwa federal constituency respectively.
History always repeat itself especially some good moment that memories can never delete or forget but refresh them to serve as a supporting pillars to the continuity of the goods and ready to serve ones. (the case of Hon Abdulmalik Dagaci Usman Cheche and the DanMatawalen Nupe)
In the past, the leadership of a federal constituency was headed by a reformer who at his capacity as a federal member changed the face of not only the representatives of the state, particularly in the zone but the national legislators in all.
It was learnt that the Bida, Gbako and Katcha federal constituency was far away from Knowing the duties and responsibilities of a federal member or a senator, till the coming of the distinguish Hon Abdulmalik Dagaci Usman Cheche. It was at his time that the good people of the constituency got to know that the duty of a legislator was not only to gather and spread money during elections but:
1- To be visiting the electorates and party members time-time, usually, every weekend.
2- That an Allowance is being paid to carryout key constituency projects.
3- That the work of representatives or legislators is full representation and that their saying will stand the say of a member at the National Assembly.
4- Redefining of traditional institution and culture to chess out any illegitimate behaviors, especially lapses in security.
5- That there is the need of a legislator to improve more on grassroot politics.
These were the style… of Hon Abdulmalik Dagaci Usman Cheche to his constituents and the little knowledge they derived to know who really is a legislator.
One good turn deserves another and that is why he is called to represent the entire Niger South senatorial zone, Insha Allah.

Ahmed Ibrahim IbrahimNovember 27 at 6:43pm

Hassan Usman Author

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