The people Incharge of this school feeding whatever in Niger state should really be ashamed of themselves. If I could remember, these complaints have been going on since the word get go. I even thought the whole school feeding thing has started, only realised it started today. And all the complaints that has been laid on here has been proved right. There is no excuse whatever. It seems we don’t want to learn. I am pretty sure if the governor was aware, he would’ve acted but yet again, those that are supposed to let him know didn’t and it’s another failure for him. They keep betraying him. We simply don’t want to learn. Well. The shameful act is all over the social media and unfortunately the governor is going to take the blame and L for it. The perpetrators probably won’t even get mentioned

Now do you people see where your selfish attitudes is leading the state to? At the end of the day, nobody is going to win. The state will continue to be backward and the governor is going to get blamed for it. You guys really don’t like him.

If I could remember, Dr Ibraheem Dooba raised this alarm weeks ago, nothing was done, a lot of complaints and concerns were raised by different people on social media.

To feed kids, even that has been misappropriated? Else if it wasn’t, is it that hard to organise feeding kids for God’s sake? After huge sums of money was budgeted for it? Is it magic other states were performing in doing their? I am ashamed to be honest. If this is what niger state will be associated with. As a Nigerlite I am ashamed.

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