Many killed in Aden suicide blasts

Yemeni firefighters douse flames following an explosion near a security post in the southern port city of Aden on Tuesday. — AFP

ADEN — Two suicide bombers detonated a car packed with explosives in Yemen’s southern city of Aden on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people, witnesses said.

Dozens of other people, including civilians, were wounded in the attack, which occurred outside a camp used by a local security force organized by the coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Witnesses described a huge explosion that shook Al-Mansoura district in northern Aden, destroying at least one building and shattering windows in others.

Ambulances rushed to the scene to evacuate the wounded. Pictures circulating on social media showed several young men in military uniform being carried away.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which comes as a civil war between the Iran-aligned Houthis and the internationally recognized government of President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi drags on.

Militants have exploited the fighting to try to recruit more followers and expand their influence in the country, which sits near main shipping lanes.

The camp attacked on Tuesday was occupied by a local force called the Security Belt, in Al-Mansoura.

The Security Belt was set up by the United Arab Emirates to help restore security to the port city.

The Zayed Bin Sultan mosque, which is located near the security office and funded by the UAE, was also damaged in the attack.

A major attack on Aden on Nov. 5 killed 35 people, sparking a hostage crisis in a city that had seen a period of relative calm in the war-torn country. — Agencies

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