Software developers, applications managers, computer analysts, gadgets addicts and handheld device users converged in Minna at old ERC for technology meet-up which is a Google community developer’s group that bring together likes mind in the field of cyberspace and information super highways.

The Minna Google Technology Developers community meet-up is part of the global Google communities created around the world bringing together practitioners that are using software and hardware technologies in their daily routine.

The Meet-up discussed new frontiers and new technologies available for resource improvement and knowledge sharing; it has provided participants with an idea of using the latest technologies which are obtainable through Google online.

The new technologies discussed and highlighted by the meet-up are the Artificial Intelligence AI and Virtual Reality VR. These new technologies are referred as the new frontiers in cyberspace technology and information super highways which were identified to have a critical impact on what we do and how we do things.

The meet-up described Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the study and engineering of intelligent machines capable of performing the same kinds of functions that characterize human thought.

The meet-up identified the concept of AI dates from ancient times, but the advent of digital computers in the 20th century and advance programming languages in the 21st century had brought AI into the realm of possibility.

The meet-up stated that AI was conceived as a field of computer science, the term AI they said has been applied to computer programs and systems capable of performing tasks more complex than straightforward programming, although still far from the realm of actual thought.

The meet-up confirmed AI capabilities currently to have far-reaching applications in such areas as information processing, computer gaming, national security, electronic commerce, and diagnostic systems.

The meet-up presented Virtual Reality (VR) as a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets to project physical space and environments to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations to stimulate user’s physical presence in virtual or imaginary environment.

Minna Google Tech Meet-up was a collection of people who have excel in the field of computer applications, software development, gadgets addicts, device wizards and information communications genius.

Google Developer’s Group are people who are interested in Google’s technologies.

By:Muhammad Muhammad

Hassan Usman Author

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