The Team Niger competition started with the female Cricket tournament played at the University of Ilorin Cricket pitch, the match is between Team Niger and Team Edo which was scuttled by the rainfall with a points of 109 for Edo and 24 points for Niger which was stopped, the remaining minutes of the tournament will be concluded tomorrow 11th September 2017 after which it will play Team Akwa-Ibom cricket.

Also Team Niger Handball competition was played at the University of Ilorin Handball pitch between Team Sokoto with a goals scored of 19 – 15 in favor of Niger.

Team Niger Swimming competition is shifted from Sunday 10th to Monday 11th September 2017, also Team Niger Squash competition was shifted from Sunday 10th to Monday 11th September 2017.

The Director Niger State Sports, Alhaji Baba Sheshi reiterated that Team Niger is adequately and well prepared for the Youth Games and said he is confident with Team Niger.

While the Director Sports Facilities, Mr Fred Isaiah stated that Team Niger are already exposed to facilities used in the Youth games and said he believed the contingents will acclimatize to the terrain in Ilorin. More sporting action is expected to be seen from Team Niger as the competition is progressing.

By: Muhammad Muhammad

Hassan Usman Author

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