Re: Garba Shehu, Presidential Villa Rodents And Bad PR

The above-mentioned piece, by Farooq Kperogi, appeared in the “Daily Trust” on Saturday 26 August 2017. As usual with Dr. Kperogi, he used his venomous pen and ink to show to the whole world his idiocy.

His write-up underpinned his status. In his characteristic manner, Kperogi made a number of philosophically baseless and unsubstantiated statements about the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. He should have addressed his subject-matter: Garba Shehu’s comments on vermin in the Presidential Villa.

Dr Kperogi veered off at a tangent to attack President Buhari. He made statements on issues like management and leadership of the country, which he is incompetent to discuss. For the avoidance of doubt, Dr Kperogi, leading a country and managing the public relations of a president of a country like Nigeria are not the same thing with teaching in the university. All the jobs are important but it calls for introspection on public commentators to know their jobs and know their limits. Dr Kperogi does not know his limit.

In the 20-paragraph article, Dr Kperogi devoted nine paragraphs (paragraphs 11-19) to bare-faced lies, inexactitude as well as crude and disrespectful language to the person of Mr. President. In paragraph 18, the dim-witted Dr Kperogi talked about issues like preparedness, organisation and duplicity in government. In scholarly discourse, these are called concepts and constructs which need to be defined in the context of the writer’s perspective. Unfortunately, it seems to me that in his stone-age ignorance Dr Kperogi does not seem to know this.

Kperogi comes as the most disorganized columnist Nigeria has seen in the last two decades. Above all, reading through most of his articles on President Buhari one always goes with the impression that Dr Kperogi lacks logical organisation of his material, he comes as someone unprepared and he relies mainly on “beer-parlour” criticisms of the president.

Dr Kperogi is incompetent as a social critic.   Therefore, he has no moral right to advise Garba Shehu to resign (paragraph 19) as the presidential spokesman. In paragraph 19, Dr Kperogi displayed the highest stage of insensitivity with respect to the medical treatment of Mr. President. Ironically, Dr Kperogi turns a blind eye to billions salted away by corrupt people which the president is trying to recover – to the admiration of Americans (Kperogi’s hosts), African leaders and a lot of other people across the globe. For example, a high court sitting in Lagos has forfeited cash worth 7.6 billion naira stolen by a petroleum minister in the last dispensation. See “Daily Trust” of 29 August 2017. This is unprecedented in the last sixteen years. Dr Kperogi turns a blind eye to all these achievements which are legion; he takes it with a pinch of salt (to use his words). It is quite unfortunate that a professor of journalism disregards fairness, balance and objectivity.

Talking about competence in leadership, Buhari was never found wanting throughout his career in the army – from second lieutenant to the rank of major general. As military head of state he was competent and decisive. Now, as civilian president, he is equally competent and has utmost respect for his fellow Nigerians contrary to unsubstantiated and reckless assertions by Dr Kperogi. The basic tenets of leadership are taught in civic education in junior secondary school two students. Kperogi go and do more research.  It seems, Kperogi, you feel you can bamboozle your way based on your fluency in the English language. Critiquing is more than fluency. One must be sound unlike you that have no substance. Your fluency cannot intimidate anyone.

Dr Farooq Kperogi, please focus on teaching people English Language and a large aspect of theoretical journalism which you are good at.

Khalifa Musa Muhammad wrote in from Kaduna.

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