The world just cannot understand what is happening in Nigeria. The world is irked that people could take to the street to demonstrate because their leader is sick. Nigerians must challenge those who walked that road to tell us the precedence of any such behavior in any civilized society. I initially condemned the Wuse market attack, but after some deep thoughts, I craved for more of such attacks if only it will help knock some commonsense into some people. I have not left the google search handle in one week in my quest for any evidence to show that what is playing out in our country has any precedence elsewhere. The right to speak or protest is not absolute. In fact, there is nowhere there is absolute rights in the world. Why are our educated class fooling and deceiving us?

* President Grover Cleveland of USA had surgery that took off his upper jaw and was not seen in public for several months. The surgery was never shared with the public. In fact, it was never revealed until 24 years after he left office. That is America, my people.

* President Abdulaziz Bouteflika of Algeria, a man much older than PMB has been in and out of hospital in 2005, 2006, 2013 and 2014. Between 2014 – 2016; a whopping 2 years, he was not seen in public. Heaven did not fall. Algerians in Paris or Abuja did not take to the market square.

*President Attah Mills of Ghana was known to be sick even before he won the election. He was a regular visitor to the Synagogue of all Nations (TB Joshua) because of his ailment. It was only at his graveside that his brother, Dr Cadman Mills disclosed his ailment. We did not hear Ghanaians threaten fire and brimstone over what afflicted their president.

*Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia is celebrated as the father of modern Ethiopia. He was only being human to succumb to illness. He spent several months (more than 7 months) at a Brussels Hospital in Belgium. Ethiopians did not go to Belgium to stage a demonstration. His absence from work was hardly known beyond Ethiopia.

*Paul Biya of Cameroon maintains a permanent room in Hotel Intercontinental Geneva due to ill health. Some times he is not seen in public for 9 months. His absence has never derail his country’s fight against Boko Haram. Their citizens have not mounted road blocks in Youounde because their president is absent. Nobody is asking for the president’s ailment because he is a public figure.

*Hugo Chavez of Venezuela battled cancer for several years before he died. He was virtually an absentee president in the last 2 years before his death. As divided as the Venezuela politics is, the opposition did not head for the streets when Chavez spent several months in Cuba.

What is really WRONG with Nigerians? Is it that we are smarter than other people? Is that we are craving to be recognized for something that has no precedence in the civilized world? Is it that we hate ourselves so much that we get some satisfaction when we step on and trample on the enemy who is down? Is it that the so call elite class who have traveled the world do not know what obtains elsewhere? I will still await help from any reader of this write up who can avail me with any precedence where citizens demonstrate because their leader is sick.

Hassan Usman Author

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