Open Letter to Alhaji Dr.Abubakar Sani Bello 2

I can’t even describe the joy that engulfs me at this hour as i fidget to pick the appropriate words to appreciate a gem like you. Frankly speaking, you’ll have to excuse my inability to come up with those words right now. Let me begin by saying the joy of leardership is a soothing genuine promise backed by swift responsive action. I wish to therefore appreciate your efforts for fulfilling the promise made with regards to the resuscitation of Bida School of Nursing as earlier pledged. This is quite a jigsaw that has been missing in the country’s political lexicon and i wish to heartily commend you for being an exception.


Recall that the issue of BidaSON sparked series of debates from various quarters all in the attempt to ensure adequate measures are put in place to abet the ailing institution. This was paramount for every sane society doesn’t treat issues that border on health with frivolity. And while we rejoice that the issue has been meted with the desired response, i wish to draw your humble attention to a similar one. Perhaps, you could say this letter is a follow-up to the first. It is. And even though the introduction unequivocally digressed, it is because i find it incumbent to first appreciate your efforts with regards to BidaSON since the state is characterised by many disciplines, and each, contribute its quota to the holistic development of Niger state. Now, permit me to jump to the bone of contention.


Sir, as a follow-up to my first letter published by Daily Trust and other online media outlets dated 24th February, 2017, i wish to teleguide your attention to the raised issue. As a hallmark of your responsive leadership style, Pinnacle Management Consultant on the 24th May, 2017, rounded up the identified proceedings required by the state government as a pre-requisite to inject funds to the default moribund micro finance banks across different zones in the state. The plenary, which held at the Trade Fair Complex in Minna, and which was presided by the Permanent Secretary on behalf of the Chairman House Committee for Investment and Commissioner for Investment respectively, put the finishing touches on the resuscitation agenda, spelling out clearly the recommendations required of them (moribund banks) to steer them out of the clutches of insolvency. This response, as at the time it occured, was welcomed by various stakeholders, me inclusive.


Having established clearly the benefits that accrue the government’s intervention within the economic lense of the state, i couldn’t be less proud of this government blessed with focus and relentless determination. Fast forward to today, the situation has souredly remain stale. Benefactors of the loan have been put on a standby even as a plethora of economic opportunities stare them in the eye amidst their idleness. Hearing the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo expressing optimism that Niger state has the potentials to feed the entire Africa, i couldn’t reserve my delight. I said to myself that, giving the mass arable land in the state, number of farmers willing to engage in large, medium and small scale farming but limited by financial quagmire, and the willingness by investors to invest in this promising state, the timing couldn’t be more accurate for the state government to revive the moribund micro finance banks. In a personal survey along the Kagara axis, i gathered that most of the perceived benficiaries are optimistic that having access to the loans would bring about a revolution to the economic sphere of the region. Same i can confidently say about other affected areas.


The President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is commendably appreciated for its diversification agenda. This is why it is incumbent for Niger state, endowed with such potentials to realise this agenda, to key into the initiative by empowering willing minds to engage in farming and other economic activities. And while i believe this initiative is not a joke, i heartily welcome any enonomic intervention that would unlock many opportunities for the lot. Artisans, businesses, enterpreneurs etc, are in need of economic intervention to widen the economic returns for the state. Injecting funds to the default banks would help in no small measure.


Sir, let me pause by concluding that we remain upbeat and highly engulfed with a 90% ink of optimism that you would also finish what you’ve started just like the intervention at BidaSON. The moribund banks maintain absolute positivity that you would place your intervention palm upon their shoulders. Permit me to also bring to your notice that in recent times your scorecard have been elevated and our confidence in you to steady the boat of affairs is at an all time high. Best wishes sir as we await your anticipated positive response.


Ibrahim Yahaya
Suleja, Niger State.
Corp. Member 2017 Batch A (Stream one)

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